Awkward to AF in front of people

The only time I am motivated to AF is early in the morning(it is still dark outside) and night.This is because there are no or few people outside. I resist to go outside because when I started AF in beginning of this journey,people used to give me a weird look which made me anxious.And some asked me what am I doing with my eyes,‘Can’t you see?’ etc.

I don’t know if you can relate to this but this actually stops me from improving.I put efforts for some days and again quit.Please help…


If you doing AF in a way other people noticing you are doing something which is not needed for AF. Or you are undercorrected too much.
If you have the correct normalized and doing AF without unnecessary steps, nobody should notice it. All emmetrope people do AF all the time, and you cannot notice anything on them.


Something like this? Hehe. When the blur won't clear up (skit) - YouTube

This. I started ‘practising’ AF when I was way too undercorrected so I was doing something like I was in the video which made some of my classmates question what I was doing lol. The blur is simply too much!

Another plausible explanation could be you haven’t developed that mind-muscle connexion to the point where AF is consistent. It took me a few weeks to REALLY get the hang of it!


Yess exactly😂.Great video man!

I do have the correct norms.I think I do lots of close up so there is more blur than usual.I just put more efforts.I get instant clarity when I release the ciliary spasm.

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I agree with @halmadavid you should just be looking at something slightly blurry and blinking then keep looking. Don’t need to scrunch up your eyes or anything. The only thing people might notice is that you are looking at something that is unusual to look at for so long like a car number plate

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I sometimes get weird looks form passersby… :sweat_smile: Sometimes I will just stand near en electricity pylon and look at the power lines for several minutes, first with one eye, then with both, then with the other, etc… (See this post for details)
Sometimes you can almost hear the people walking by think “what on earth is that guy looking at???”. It’s actually funny to sometimes see them look in the same direction, wondering what’s so fascinating to me… :rofl: Honestly I don’t mind it much. Sure it’s more comfortable to do you’re thing when there’s nobody around to stare at you. But on the other hand, what do I care what they might about me? I’m doing it for a good reason, and if anyone were to ask what I’m doing I’d be happy to explain it to them. But nobody ever does…


Yeah not sure how long you’ve been at it but you joined in Feb so I guess about half a year. Eventually you realise (IMO) that all this “extra” stuff you’re doing like spending a few minutes looking at power lines that gets you weird looks - doesn’t really add much to your overall improvement. We’re talking about a project that will take YEARS. No weird extras are gonna help in the long run as they cannot be made into habit. So sure, do it if it’s fun, but I think the only thing that will help in the long run is easy-to-integrate-into-real-life-situations and habit-forming AF looking normally at normal things as you go about your day - that’s why Jake is so focussed on establishing hobbies that incorporate AF outside - so I’d forget this power line staring unless it’s particularly fun for you

@Lajos I’ve been at this for about as long as you have. If you’re interested in why I like to look at power lines, feel free to read the linked post… :wink: I find this leads to (temporary) better vision. So yes, it’s fun to do! Taking long walks outside and trying to see everything as clearly as possible is my hobby.


Then it fits into the category of habit so should work :wink:

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I usually have my earphones in when outdoors, even when not listening to anything. So if I stop and focus people most probably believe that I’m listening to something or someone. Sometimes they check in the direction I’m looking at, but how would they understand why I’m gazing at the ugliest or most common shop signs?!? They can’t see I’m doing anything with my eyes, it more looks like to them that I have checked out mentally and I’m in a daydreaming mode. You know when you are on the phone and busy discussing something and you have no idea what’s around you. When I was doing this at the workplace it looked like stopping in the middle of typing an e-mail and thinking about the next sentence. They couldn’t have guessed I was working on my distance vision…
If you do more than that you might be straining your eyes anyways.
But if you don’t want to do it in school or with your friends around that’s fine. You can still do it during lectures while you are sitting and daydreaming anyway. You can do it through the window while travelling on the public transport. Worst case you can do it at home holding a cup of tea and looking at the books’ titles on the bookshelf.