Axial length in (at least) children reduces much faster than Jake suggests - close-official myopia website

An unexpected finding while digging into research about esophoria as a risk factor of myopia and high progressive myopia in particular:

Axial length of a child treated by SVN (single vision near) glesses - readers with appropriate prsisms to neutralize near esophoria (still not sure they prevented convergence or strain from divergence thus allowing more convergence) and Atropine reduced by 0.4 mm in the space of 5 months with corresponding reversal of myopia.


Finally, some of them cure and not poison at least childen.

I enjoy it, I enjoy my myopia has been strucked in its heel like Achilles.
The forum enjoys a new possible long discussion.

On the way to solve infinite engine of medial rectus contraction, accommodation and myopia progression while I need the opposite in sleep or closing my eyes.

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