Axis Changes with script

Left eye axis is clear without glasses at 130. When I put my 130 glasses on, the 130 axis is blurry and clear at 40. Should I try a script with an axis at 40?

It is interesting to note that is a 90 degree difference…

If I take my glasses off, flip them over so I can rotate (play with the axis), I can find a place that is much clearer (guessing it’s at the 40 mark).

I just don’t understand (maybe it doesn’t matter) why my axis reading is different when I don’t have glasses on. (and maybe this is why they can’t get my contact prescription dialed in correctly at the optometrist?)

Should I try a lens with an axis at 40? (the Sph is too much to drop all at once -3.50)

Thank you in advance for any thoughts!

Hi, please don’t mess with axes. This could potentially worsen astigmatism, converting from plus to minus notation results in axis flip by 90 degree if that’s the case. I recommend you to check your axes with optometrist if you don’t know what you are doing.

I am using the script from the optometrist. Then I came home and did my own testing according to Jake’s instructions. The axis was very close to the professional one.

She sent me home with a pair of contacts and something is not correct in the left contact.

And I ordered glasses, the axis is blurry. But if I take my glasses off, flip them (so I’m looking through the lens from the other side) and rotate them a bit, everything clears up.

Well, to be honest it’s hard to tell anything without knowing your previous glasses prescription. Personally I would believe my own testing more. My guess is that there’s a chance that either opto or glasses store made a mistake. I suggest you to not wear glasses if they feel not right and try to make opto retest/change glasses.