Axis conversion

Hello everyone from my beautiful country. CYL for glasses: 3.25 AXIS: 5 '. I decided to switch to contact lens. I did CYL 2.75 and AXIS: 180 in contact lenses. Because contact lenses do not have 5 'feature. Does this create difficulty?

you’re not supposed to change the axis…

if you can’t get 5 degrees then use 0 or 10 not 180…

Does using 0 or 10 create a blur at 5?

What? Noooo, axis is never perfect anyway, you probably won’t notice the difference. Obviously the higher the cyl diopters the more it matters but I, with 2.5 D of cyl only notice when it is more than like 8-10 degrees off. The lens power changes gradually anyway in a cyl lens as you move off the strongest axis

But the blur is not created AT an angle you misunderstood something there. The angle shows where you need the least diopters and the cyl power is 90 degrees to that, changing the angle means it compensates your eyes astigmstic blur less well

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Isn’t axis 180 and 0 the same?

Axis 0 equals axis 180.

then, why are you advised to use axis 0 instead of axis 180

Yeah 180 is the same, wrote that too fast. Just meant choose one of the 2 either side of your measured axis if you cannot get it exactly