BackTo20/20 Program Update Plans

BackTo20/20 usually gets small trickles of updates to sessions when collective feedback of consistent questions in the support forum warrant it.

Since all of endmyopia is pretty much like an expensive girlfriend (always wanting more, though in EM’s case it’s mainly time), juggling all the bits is always a compromise.

Generally notable part of planned focus will be more video. Both on the free side and for the paid program.

I don’t love any of the videos, since they lack any kind of visual aids, good writing, or any sort of decent production. Rambles in random places with varying degrees of audio and not usually in any particular format. And yet, the one thing I get the most feedback on, consistently, is video. It’s almost always positive too, and with over a million (!) minutes watched so far, they clearly get used a fair amount. One thing that’s been keeping me from improving it is the always changing locations and keeping my bag to carry-on weights (that’s the non negotiable travel ways). It lends more to casual than well formatted. No place to lock the door and have things in order and a process that lends itself to ongoing improvement. That and various efforts to hire somebody to do visuals well and consistently hasn’t met with much success (at least not at costs that would be reasonable to sustain for free stuff).

Excuses, Jake! So many excuses. :smirk:

So more of the BackTo20/20 sessions with supplemental videos. Definitely on the list.

Along with that, a dedicated low myopia program. I’m finding that as students progress, the big stumbling block is transitioning from multiple diopter habits to the single diopter (and below) range. Same principles apply, but there’s quite a bit of tweaking that can help get past the last diopter.

There’s the low myopia section of the blog, but no focused equivalent in step by step session format in BackTo20/20.

So that’s up high on the list as well. Problem is that sessions take up a LOT of time especially initially, having to lay out all the steps with the right timing. And then using the support forum and member log entries to tweak till it’s just right.

Of course that part will come with a massive upsell (and now that you made it past all those diopters, hand over that cash for more sessions, YEA! :joy:)

Not actually. No additional costs planned, no upsell, just extending the existing program with all the last diopter bits.

Some of it as always will trickle down to the blog, and hopefully to varying extents especially here. Mainly for those starting out with just a diopter or barely more, it can be daunting trying to figure out proper reversal.


Actually, I like the ad-hoc, spontaneous feeling to your videos. After all, the message you transmit is what really counts, not the ambience or the format. I think it actually helps to concentrats on what really matters, which is the content. After all, this is hard scientific facts mixed with profound discussions about lifestyle, sometimes bordering on the philosophical. Why set up a fancy facade for that? :slight_smile:


Coincidentally and fittingly, it’s this kind of e-mail that ends up in the inbox quite a bit:

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Your videos are so educational. They gave me so much info long before I got to the correlating session in Backto2020. I think extending the sessions with the -1 range is great, because it’s a tougher animal to crack. But yeah, it’s yet more of your time that goes down the drain (for a good cause of course)

I was wondering, will you add a playlist to your YouTube-channel in the future showing of “Student Videos”? That way people can hear from all of us lunatics what happened and how it changed our lives, just a thought.

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Already is a playlist! :slight_smile:

I need to add yours as well, still.

Great that this playlist exists. Does my video have the go ahead from you? It’s private for now (on purpose).

Sure definitely is good.

Totally agree, like that feeling of the videos!