Base-in prism for differentials

If you’re going to be staring at a small screen for longer than you should, it might be worth experimenting with adding base-in prism to each lens. The idea is that your eyes normally converge and accommodate at the same time, and if you’re text-pushing through your differentials you’re stopping accommodation but not vergence (which also taxes the muscles). The base-in prism lets your eyes stay relaxed and look more straight-ahead making it more like actual distance vision.

It makes the glasses a lot thicker and adds about $20 to the cost if ordering on line. Based on my limited personal experience trying it with plus lenses, it seems to make screen viewing at near a lot more comfortable. I don’t have any diagnosed vergence issues or phorias. You wouldn’t want to put prism in your distance glasses without good reason, this is just for computer-use-only.

Food for thought. Has anybody else tried this and had good or bad results?

I got my daughter a pair of these, it can be used together with her +2 lens for reading only.

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