Basic Question - How Much Reduction

Hey, I have a basic question. It’s probably been asked here dozens of times, but I can’t immediately find it.

So, if I normally wear a -6 correction lens on my right eye and a -10 on my left, how much should I change it for safe and effective gains in vision?

Just change it one diopter? So I would go to -5 and -9 and then do active focus and long distance sight with that to improve? Or is one diopter too much and should I start with a 0.5 difference?

Also, how much active focus/far sight at a minimum is recommended daily? I work at home at the moment, most of the day I’m inside behind a computer (I take hourly breaks though), but at noon I do a daily 30 minute walk outside which is active focus and distance sight time for me. Is that enough?

You can search the endmyopia wiki here and read through that to help with basic questions. And that should answer your basic starting place. No one offers advice on dioptor because it is an individual process. Just put wiki in the search.

You’ll need to familiarise yourself with the basics. (E.g. I don‘t get the impression you know what differentials and normalised are.) I’d suggest signing up for the 7-day guide. That will help you understand how to measure and how to decide on the reductions

Alternatively start with this video:
A Beginner’s Guide to Endmyopia

Or are you using differentials and normalised already, had a few reductions, just looking to refine the process?

I’m here to answer some of your questions because I made some mistakes with these.

Not specific diopter advice. Depends on where you are on your journey. If you just started, start with differentials then normalize.Your eyes itself would improve drastically due to releasing ciliary spasm and due to overcorrections. From there, you get your normalized that is 0.25D lower than your 20/20 prescription glasses. Old advice was that your normalize can make you see 20/40 or 20/50. 1 Diopter is quite a large jump and may not be beneficial for you.

3 hours.

It’s your body/time/life/mindset. observe if that works or not, and keep it up or make the changes. Generally, make active focus a habit whether you are outdoor or indoor.

If the answer is too short for you, it is time to read more and watch more videos from EM students. Godspeed!

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I’d say it’s ideal to spend 3 hours away from screen while not engaging in close-up activities. Preferably include distance vision in these 3 hours, too. This is not linked to AF.
And AF as mush as you like or as much as you feel OK for your eyes, but not too much. You can AF close up in front of the screen, too.

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True that. Make active focus a habit first, then see if you can tweak things out for your current lifestyle