Basic videos comforting

I just watched the I Hate My Glasses video that was loaded on YouTube yesterday.

I wanted to say that I understand it must get tedious to keep repeating the same basic message over and over again, but I actually find it comforting to hear that repetition.

I’m having a bit of an eye improvement slump at the moment - too much time at home being spent in front of a screen. But listening to Jake repeating the same sensible message to take things slowly motivates me. It’s like a reminder to keep trying, even if the gains are small right now.

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, Jake. I hope to report back soon with some improvements!


I’m a very high myope, my glasses have been a part of me for 37 years. I feel strange in contacts, something is missing, wrong… Looking forward to getting my custom differentials…

Thanks! Fortunately not too difficult, composing the ramblings.

And I can never tell ahead of time what strikes a cord. And so many slightly different ways to say similar things, sometimes you just catch it in a way that makes more sense.

Also trying to be a tiny bit better about making a quick video when questions come up that tend to be repeated or where the answer may be useful to others. :slight_smile: