Beat the Ultrasound Vision Screener (almost!)

A kind healthcare worker pointed one of these at me today at the pediatrician’s office (I wasn’t the patient.)

(stock image)

I was very happy that it claims everything is in range and that I zeroed out the big summary numbers on top. It was very emotionally gratifying for my fragile ego to have its blessing. Thank you Spot Vision Checker!

I was, however, mildly frustrated that the hand-held device claims I still have -0.25 D of astigmatism in each eye (within the margin of error), but it got the axis of each eye’s astigmatism exactly right. I don’t really notice or detect astigmatism now, so I’m not sure if my brain has figured out how to auto-correct for a quarter diopter of “real” astigmatism or if I was just lazy when I looked at the spot vision checker and fell into some old bad habits (is it possible to gaze into a camera astigmatically?) The device works from a meter away so it doesn’t have the same instrument myopia issues that plague the autorefractor at the optometrist. Still, it’s sad that it can look at me from across the room and detect some cursed astigmatism in just a few seconds while making chirping bird noises.

The vision-checker think’s I’m a net zero: +0.25 SPH and -0.25 CYL now, which I’ll take a “win” even though I want that CYL to go to zero. Much better than the optometrist’s initial diagnosis of -0.25 SPH and -0.75 CYL in January.

Anyway, it’s a nice “objective” confirmation that the methods here “do something” worthwhile.


Wow so it says you dont need glasses… maybe i was too caught up in the wrong posts but have you been logging 20/20 somewhere?

Edit Doesnt the plus cancel out the astigmatism?


Probably not entirely but close enough. I still get some visual noise in images from time to time (something like this chart, totally readable but slightly messed up.) I used to have halos around street lights and mild double vision that I’ve pretty much gotten rid of. My night vision has gotten much better. The best analogy I can give is that when it’s acting up it’s like looking at something through a slightly dirty window. You can still see everything and get used to it but it’s so much nicer to look out through windows that have just been cleaned.


I think the higher absolute value of the astigmatism CYL number the less of a cancelling effect you get. Someone with +1 SPH -2 CYL probably benefits a lot from correction. +2 SPH with -4 CYL would have a very hard time uncorrected.

I think (+0.75 to -0.25) SPH with (-.5 to 0) CYL are considered emmetropes.

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The clean window dirty window I understand too well. It is what keeps my from dropping to the next lower. Every time I do things get to the sirty dust filled lense feel and then I use the stronger pair and feel like it has the same problem but after I wear those for awhile I feel better. I jist cant go long enough in the lower pair because I get the dirty lense issue. Glad you have reached your almost 20/20 though That needs some :star_struck: :champagne: :loudspeaker: :sparkler:

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