Benal: -7.00 To -4.75 In 2 Months (VIDEO)

I love videos from darling participants in our proceedings.

Not just for video versions of first hand experiences for others to watch, but also because it’s strange to type at a screen every day … and really a nice change to see some of the faces behind the other end once in a while!

So, thanks to Benal for taking the time to post. :slight_smile:

Also if this inspires you to pick up your phone and talk at it for a few minutes and then hit ‘upload’ on your Youtube app (it’s really that simple) … that’d be pretty great as well.

There’s a small collection of videos now, I made a playlist of some of them:


That was an inspiring video.
I’m going to quote him because it was so profound.
“Technology is good, when we don’t become a slave of it.”
Mic drop.:microphone:


I thought the exact same thing about that statement.

And … it’s really so easy to make videos, even though I’m having less than awesome luck cajoling more darlings to try it. :smiley:


Videos, FB or Instagram lives can be intimidating! But people truly can make an impact and connect better with a face, voice and personality to go with it.


@Benal Excellent job Benal. Perfect example that honest personal experiences and progress updates on video don’t have to be professionally produced… We can close our eyes or practice AF while listening, and no eye strain.That is fantastic progress!

I did a couple of takes at the beach too and decided I’m more camera shy than I realized…haha :wink: someday maybe.


Wonderful compliments Mare
Thank you

I look awful, yet I thought that it would be just … honest… i see it was received as it is… :))


:grin: sometimes the words just come up

Very nice video! :smiley: It’s this kind of personal story and success (btw congrats for your amazing improvement!) that will interest and convince people about Endmyopia.
Like Mare, I’m too shy to do something like that, at least for now. Just thinking about how many people would see my face and hear my bad English already gives me goosebumps… :grin::sweat_smile:

Love this statement!:+1:


Great video! I love Rocky IV, too.

As someone else who had a big initial drop, my unsolicited advice is to now focus on clarity. Every 0.25 you remove is just as much a victory as the initial improvements. Now, make sure you see well out if each new normalized and enjoy it!


People love accents! I love accents! :smiley:


This was a great video!

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I love accents too. They make life more interesting. Sometimes an accent can make someone sound more credible or more endearing. :slight_smile:


Great video, Benal, honest and encouraging. I liked the comment at the end about burning bad habits! I generally enjoy reading more than viewing videos but since beginning my ‘reversing myopia’ journey I’m enjoying listening to videos (occasionally glancing at the screen) and podcasts while active focusing on eye charts around the room and outside.


Hi @Benal ,
great stuff, thanks for posting!

I added you to our Youtube Video List

Cheers, Michael