Best centimeter measurement yet

Read normal size text from 150 cm this evening without glasses…


Excellent progress @MattE. Thanks for sharing !!

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You are an inspiration to me and more proof that this works if you work it!


Woohoo! That’s awesome. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Thanks to all. This was during one of my “clear flash” periods, which aren’t really “flashes” anymore, but periods of 5 - 10 minutes where I see well enough to not use glasses. Funny thing was, it was text on my refrigerator (which I always used to measure cm when I did that consistently), and I was backed up about as far from it as I could before I bumped into the sink . It’s not a large kitchen, but I figured I’d measure the distance.

An hour later, once I was settled back into “normal” vision with my -0.75, I looked at the same spot and it was less clear than during the “clear flash” interval. These intervals are happening more and more frequently. I’m still expecting / planning to need at least another year to get all the pieces together to ditch the glasses, but I try to bottle the excitement as the peak vision moments pop up!


Un-effing-believable! From minus five, this must feel like landing on the moon. And in such short time, too!

Thanks for posting your progress, this is really inspiring


Well, thank you. Glad to share. I’m sure that it can look like an eternity to get out of glasses when starting this project, particularly when the timeline is potentially 5+ years. Still, if you add up diopters per year times 4 1/2 years, plus a diopter of ciliary spasm, you end up with about how I’ve done.

“Landing on the moon” - great phrase! Yes, those clear flashes feel like that, especially at first. I’m sort of used to them, but they’re still very surreal. They’re a little bit like getting in the zone in sports or music: for a period of time, you’re playing far above what you think your current abilities are. The peak experiences show you what your capabilities are, but you still have to put in the time to make them more permanent.


Really impressive Matthew, thou art an inspiration to us jolly lot :wink:


I’m at -9 and definitively not over-prescribed. That means around 10 years for me, best case. I shall be around for a while :wink:


Thank you, Laurens! Glad to be a part of endmyopia and an encouragement to others.

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I admire you for setting your view on the long term. You don’t have to wait 10 years to enjoy the changes! Each reduction will bring with it just a little bit better vision. You’ll be able to do more and more things without glasses, or with lower minus, as the years progress, and you’ll be reducing the risks associated with high myopia.


@MattE Congratulations!!! I am super happy for your gains, very inspiring indeed!! Please keep us all up to date, I love hearing about it :tada:

@mko - Important to think of milestones. A -5 is a completely different animal than a -9 for example. One day I need to figure out how to make a representative side-by-side of what your vision actually looks like in one vs. the other. You’re getting a smaller image with higher diopters, there’s more distortion, the colors aren’t the same … every single diopter gives you a nicer representation of the world around you than the previous one!

Off the optical center you get a lot of color fringing and look at what happens to straight lines:



I guess a huge milestone for me would be getting to -6, at which point the lenses become a lot cheaper here in Germany :wink:

Yes, it certainly would. Once you feel great about the fundamentals (strain reduction, appropriate differentials, normalized reductions every 3 - 4 months, etc) and you have good habits in place, you can basically “just live” and watch your world get clearer, centimeter by centimeter. IT’s a long journey, so do your best to enjoy the vision you’re getting now, the improvements and you’re making, and focus on that long term.

Good luck and please post improvements. We’re all cheering for each other!


@MattE Congratulations that’s awesome and inspiring for us Newbies and thanks for the videos very good for starting.