Best countries/cities for AF; AF Tourism

I just thought of an idea for a fun topic. Let me know how this can be improved. For those looking to travel or relocate… Which countries or cities are best for focus pulling and improving vision in general (also including minimizing screen time)? Perhaps we can share our experiences or what we know. How is your current city/country treating you when it comes to focus pulling? Or cities/countries you have been to? The following would probably be deciding factors

  • Less rain or fog
  • Usually partly sunny
  • Good temperature, not too cold or hot
  • Lots of public transport options (so you can walk instead of drive)
  • Amount of signs or text you can look at (although it may be preferable to be in a language you can read so you can tell if the characters are clear or not)
  • Businesses open at night (opportunities to focus pull at night)
  • Less pedestrians (so you don’t bump into anybody when doing focus pulling)
  • People don’t tell you to wear a mask if you don’t
  • Cheap cost of living (so you can stay longer if traveling and improve your vision more)
  • Less of a shutdown from pandemic
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That is a very interesting idea, even though I might disagree with several of your conditions (I would be fine with no businesses at night, because that might mean less pollution and less noise and you can always train your night vision looking at the moon or at stars. Also I don’t mind wearing a mask, or anything.)

Honestly, I think an active lifestyle would be enough for most people who live in places where winter doesn’t last over half the year. What is the most important is what you personally find engaging to look at. I personally love looking at natural scenery and classical architecture, so my ideal AF vacation would be in a small village in the countryside. Other people might prefer cities. Slightly off-topic, but it seems that remote working with covid is starting to promote a level of de-urbanisation.