Best Frames - High Diopter

Hello Fellow Myopes,

If you are new like I am, this is probably something you’ve wondered as well. Jake has some content on the topic and he says his top choice are Frameless Glasses since they have no border in the field of vision.

He also talks about the Best (and worst) Fashion Frames indicating that CLEAR Frames with Bigger Lens since the larger Circumference which allow more light in and again a large field of view.

However, for those of us that are HIGH MYOPES such as myself there are some other criteria we must consider. I am in the -9 range.

I was always pushed towards small frames with rectangler lens and I was alway told to avoid round (I think because of the shape of my face). I was told rimless wouldnt work for me, that they would be to heavy. So the very glasses Jake recommends we AVOID is what I always ended up getting.

Now that I’m educated a little more, I will be choosing CLEAR or Translucent. Now my questions to my “Experienced, Formally High Myopes” :wink: or the not so high myopes but who are in the KNOW.

  • At what diopter range are bigger lenses not too much of an issue? (Since the high diopter edge of the lenses gets soooo thick.)

  • At what diopter range would it be feasible to get rimless frames? (If we were so inclined.) (Edited: or Semi-Rimless)

I thank you in advance for any feedback on this topic.


Related, but not exactly what you asked, high strengths the useful optical center gets very small. Now that I’m in contacts I’m realizing that even with a small frame my eyes were not looking all around, I was constantly moving my whole head to look around. It might be a useful test to look around the inside edges of your frame and see if your muscles are comfortable and your vision just as clear at the edges before moving up a frame size.

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That is probably why the lady who usually fit me for glasses would alway push me toward small lenses. If I would pick up a pair of frames with larger lenses she would say they wont work for you. She would usually say they will be to heavy.

Yeah, nobody ever explained it in a way I understood though. I just thought about all the peripheral vision I was loosing in small frames, didn’t realize I wasn’t using it until I got contacts and my extra ocular muscles told me they hadn’t actually been stretched that way in awhile.

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