Best Place to Buy Normalized Glasses?

Hello everyone!

I am a 21-year-old college student with a -1.5 diopter prescription. Money is tight but I would love to have my vision corrected as cheaply as possible. Is there an online store where most people go to get their normalized glasses? I figured that I would want glasses as cheap as I could get them since I will likely be swapping them with new ones as my vision improves every several months. I look forward to hearing from you!

I like goggles4u, they usually have a 47% off coupon going, and you can get glasses for under $10 delivered, or under $20 if you want the anti-reflective coatings. Most people think the coatings are worth it. If you have any uncertainty about what strength you need or what frame size works you can get them for about $5 per pair without coatings. They’ve never done me wrong.

Zenni is also popular, I haven’t tried them but I have never heard anyone say anything bad about them.


Thank you, I will definitely look into those!

I have put about 4 orders to Zenni over the last 3-4 years with no problem – all the same frame from their “$10 collection”, plus $5 for the a/r coating. After taking one pair off and on probably hundreds of time in a couple years one temple screw loosened its hold on the lens. My wife, who is from Beijing knew just how to tighten the screw :slight_smile: That’s the only problem I’ve had.


There’s an entire list of places to buy glasses in the forum including contact Rx. For your Rx you could totally do without differentials. For normalized you might only need to 2 pairs max, once you hit -1.0 you can technically do without them.

There are lots of stories on Jake’s podcasts where people do different methods to get back to 20/20 once they hit -1.0 and some of them don’t reduce after -1.0.


Has your vision been improving using this method? I ask out of curiosity since you say you’ve gone through a few pairs of glasses at this point.

Yes I credit EM for me getting from -2.70 to -2.00 between Jan 2019 and fall 2019. The many pairs business partly comes from using 3 pairs: normalized, normalized minus another 0.5 D, and differential (computer). As somebody above noted you are already in what EM calls “low myopia” while I am just outside it. I bet you will find two pairs sufficient.



Thanks for the response! Glad to hear that you are progressing at a good pace. It’s always nice to hear from people who are doing well on their endmyopia journey.

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