Best screen addiction app?

Im searching for an app,
which can overlay the screen with black color (audio notification after locktime would be good) so you could still listen to a running movie or whatever is running, but the screen will stay black for some adjustable time AND THERE SHOULD BE NO WAY TO CANCEL THAT APP, but restarting your phone.

All the time tracker and notification apps are useless. I need some strong unskipable limit app.

Has anybody found something like that?
If not I will probably need to install 100 apps to find something like that.

Update: “Lock me out” seems to be the best app so far.

I have a shortcut set on my iSchmizzle to turn the screen into grayscale. It makes it super boring and uninteresting to scroll around on or watch stuff. :grimacing:

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Eh, when I needed it the most, AppBlock did the job, but now I’m a bit more radical. That is, looking for the cause of the compulsion, rather than preventing the behaviour.
Making the phone super boring (on this subject: non-smartphones are the future of sanity,) or finding a good enough distraction that it’ll take your attention away from screens, that’s all good and stuff, but ultimately it’s just a quick fix, like putting glasses in front of your myopic eyes :grimacing: much goes into treating an addiction’s root cause.

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Leave and go somewhere without the phone?

Thanks so far. Yes there are times, when I’m super aware not to take the phone even in my hands (especially at the end of a long devastating screen addiction time), but it is such a long process, at some point I needed it probably once and the habit
was getting weaker and weaker, I don’t even remember how it developed but in the end I fall complete in screen addiction times.

The phone is a damn beast, it is something like hate-love.
I hope the app “lock me out” will break the addiction, I just need to make sure it runs all the time.
I think there can only be a time-limited solution, because you need the phone for some important tasks like phone calls, camera, making notes…and these tasks lead you to more unimportant screen addiction time. so an absolute no-use is not possible and I think that is the key, why it is so hard to break the addiction.

I think even greyscale would not prevent me from screen addiction. I would probably still look at a countdown timer of the locked screen until it unlocks.
I wish I never bought a smartphone, so I would have never known about the advantages of that lifestyle and would not miss it. Now I don’t want to give it completely up.

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You could get all radical and explore the topic of addiction. My favorite book on the subject:

That way you catch the next thing that tries to get you, too. :wink:


You might try setting “working hours” or a strict schedule for yourself and see if that’s of any use to you. Like if it’s email (does anyone still use email?) you only read it and respond at 8:45 - 9am and 12:45pm - 1pm. If it’s social media and you want to spend a half hour a day on instagram or whatever you use, just set up a rigid schedule and do your instagram from 10pm to 10:30pm or something. So you’ve set aside an hour a day for email and instagram. You want to avoid having the “just check in for a minute” that turns into hours of smartphone use, just like if you were a drinker you could have a drink at the pub after work every day and probably not have that ruin your life, but it would be hard to just take a little sip from a flask every 20 minutes and not have that take over your life.

Another thing you might try, is focus more on “doing things” than “not doing things”. So rather than “not using your smartphone for an hour” do something like ride a bike around a lake that prevents you from using your smartphone for an hour. Actively fill up your free time with activities that are not compatible with smartphone use, like playing tennis or swimming. You can crowd out your smartphone usage with higher-value activities.

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Yes there are even more apps, which work with the schedule system. But the phone is such a random device, I use it randomly, especially if you want to find something on the internet really quickly. I can not plan phone usage. If I need the phone, then I need it.
That’s why the schedule block apps would not work for me.
It has to be a strong time limit app, which monitors screen time and locks the phone.

The other idea is good, but will not protect me if I lie in my bed, can not fall asleep and take the phone to “just check some things”, which lead into hours of screen time.

Why not keep an old fashioned notebook next to your bed. If you can’t fall asleep and you have some interesting ideas, jot them down in your notebook. Then the next day you can look and see if those ideas are still worth following up on or not. You can still research or follow up on whatever you want, just don’t do it at 3 am if that’s when you should sleep. When you’re tired and should be asleep you’re probably not going to be doing your best research, instead you’re more likely to start reading some article on a subject you’re not really interested in, and then click on some other unrelated thing that looks interesting, until you’re off on some tangent you don’t even care about and lose 3 hours of sleep to mindless scrolling.

Ultimately all of these kind of “self discipline” things come down to making some rules for yourself to follow, whether it’s only eating one bowl of ice cream instead of the whole carton, or going to one party instead of partying every night, or working out on a regular schedule instead of saying “I don’t feel that motivated, I think I’ll skip the gym.”

There was an article I liked posted online called something like Screw Motivation, you need discipline. Screw motivation, what you need is discipline. – WISDOMINATION.

Screenshot 2021-09-12 00.42.46

Maybe read old-fashioned books or something instead of the phone if you really can’t sleep, or try melatonin or something. Like anything else you have to “decide that you really want to” (stop drinking, stop smoking, work out, stick to a diet…) There’s really no app that can do it for you.

Also start small and work up to bigger things. If you still want to play with the phone before bed, allow yourself to do that, but only for 20 minutes. Or only on Monday and Wednesday. Pick something doable that’s a modest improvement over what you actually do now, and then once you’re on top of that, improve from there. Take it one day at a time.


Yes I have already paper and a pencil at my bed, which prevented me from taking the phone, because the phone stayed in the living room. Also a real wake-up clock, so I don’t need the phone’s wake-up clock.
But still I lost control. Now I’m very aware of the phone again. We will see how it will be in 2 months again and if the “lock me out” app will help this time. I expect to lose discipline at some point. I will let you know, if it helped me.