Beware: A Ranting, Rant 🔥 (best to skip this)

Just gonna say this here.

Wait. First:

Every so often, I humbly ask for reviews. Because people on the Internet want to check out reviews of things.

No big deal, but it’s an easy way to add a tiny vote of confidence.

Also costs nothing, takes two minutes, and it also makes me happy.

Been doing this for years. Asking for reviews.

Now 18.000 member group. Total reviews over how many years … 300 or so.

One of my dear business Internet dude friends, very successful, laughs at me every single time we meet up for lunch over the years. He says, “goldmine, charge for it”. He says, don’t do free things. People suck, and nobody appreciates free. People will take however much you’re willing to give. People are all casual looters.

He says, a tiny minority aren’t. 1%, being generous. Everybody else, leeches.

I don’t agree with this. I’m a hippie at heart.

But the numbers don’t seem to add to my emotional wishful state, vs. multi-multi millionaire Internet entrepreneur’s comment. He says put out reviews and teasers and some basics, and charge, charge, charge for everything else. Be happier, get paid for providing value, stop trying to save the world, which can’t and won’t be saved.

What’s really in it for Jake, spending 3-4 hours a day mainly on free stuff? Having to pay an admin to weed through 700+ e-mails a day, much of which is people asking for free, one-on-one help no less?

I really have very minimal regard for humanity.

Super annoyed. On the flipside, focused on that 1%. Guys I met who I’d never have met if it wasn’t for endmyopia, insights I gathered, amazing sharing and time investing and finding those humans who when receive value, want to share value. Also questioning my own leech-ey-ness, recounting when I did what annoys me as much here.

In retrospect, I’m probably at least partially guilty of this myself.

So … hypocrisy. And yet, there are definitive days when I think how much better I could use 3-4 hours a day laying on the beach or doing something fun with friends, vs. reading “WUT ABOUT FLOATERS, BRO” Facebook posts.

:joy: :rage:

Take this as the internal monologue of a dude who is definitely not meant to be an actual guru of any kind, ever.


If I were on Facebook I would give you a very positive review, but I am not. I upvote all your youtube videos, and comment on some, and I see that a good many of the comments there are also of the ‘give me the steps’ type. I agree that this is infuriating or depressing - choose your poison.

This DIYer is very grateful for the free content you have provided, has benefitted from it, and tries to give back by being active on the forum. I would be happy to make a cash contribution according to my means if and when you set up a system for doing so.

Thank you, Jake.


It’s trustpilot, not facebook. Though you still need registration for that too.

This is true but in the EM case it is not obvious that it works from the outside. If you hide everything behind a pay wall people will think it’s a scam, unless of course enough independent reviews… That are credibly independent

I feel you though. Had a website providing free texts, translations etc. And got super annoyed that people would not even comment to say thank you. Just give me more free stuff comments. Stopped working on it eventually

On the flip side, I was doing it as the work itself motivated me. I think you have to be internally driven, doing it because you want to help people - you can’t make whether you do it or not, dependent on other people’s feedback else you’ll always be disappointed, as you’ve discovered.


Thanks, David, and I don’t want to register for that.

proceeds to write a huge word wall about how community involvement is the future

Only reason I’m all keeny weeny on ‘Jake make it more free’ is because to reach the paying guys, more of the general guys and the internet’s understanding of vision being changeable needs to be different.

Orrr you can reach out to the current market as has been done so quite successfully instead of growing the market (which has also been done to some extent)

Community involvement, unreliable and fluffy… I need to pick up that camera.

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Strange question maybe, but why do you care so much?

Maybe this is just my bias, but I think the main reason people look at reviews is to determine whether this is real. Back when I was looking at these reviews, I was wondering: what is the chance the positive reviews are from gullible people or shills? The messages there were generally not of enough quality to convince me on their own, and the reviews were chunked as irregular bursts in time, which to me was a strong indicator these are not natural.

Also, at least in my eyes, overall review score was almost meaningless. It’s not like I’m comparing one product with a cheaper, next-best option. If a reviewer were to say, grrr this sucks, bad UX and support, what would that matter? it’s not like I can go to the competition and get my eyes fixed there. The decision was completely dominated by only one question: does this work?

So, what problem are you trying to solve here? With this review score and count, would a thousand more make a real difference? Did people other than me even go over pages upon pages of these to try figure out how they came to be? Or would it just be a count rising, with viewers none the wiser if it’s maybe doctored or written by delusional people?

So in all honesty, my reaction to these calls for more reviews is, meh, why?

It’s already a promise: should I get my eyes to improve at a sustained YoY rate of 0.75 dpt SE or more, people will hear about it in detail. The impact would exceed any Trustpilot review I could post now. But it needs to be the real deal. Recently, my eyes have not been shortening at a sufficiently remarkable rate to make such a report. So I could give you what you’re asking for – a half-assed story among hundreds – but not what I think you deserve – the recognition that your take on myopia is truthful, useful, and posted with good intentions.


I am looking forward to that very much, as at least one confirmation of the axial shortening hypothesis would be more welcome news than the visual cortex just getting better at dealing with confused input.


Jake dearest, your friend is right… somewhat. Unless you are God, you can’t save the whole world. But you/we can save one person at a time… or 300 as it may be. And given the world we live in, that alone is a monumental task. You have done thousands times more than anybody else I have ever met. Give yourself credit for that. It is no small feat, I don’t care how anyone looks at it., :innocent:


Don’t feel like I can give a fair review before I start seeing progress.


There’s the chicken and the egg problem, laid bare.

I’ll have more progress if I leave a review?


Lol, no.

But you see what I did there.


I would give a review if I knew how to do that and that it would benefit EM, even though I have not reversed the damage made by lenses myself (still, I’ve made almost a full diopter of initial/ciliary spasm improvement, which I’m happy about). I was not aware that there were other ways to help besides getting the Rough Guide (which is like a one-time donation and a good reference to come back to long term)

My point is, discounting the near one diopter of ciliary spasm I’ve reclaimed back, I have gained a lot of value from EM that is not measurable in diopters. I am fitter from going outside, I sleep better, AF makes me more functional without glasses, my eyes are less strained and less dry, I’ve met great people on this community, and whether it’s going to take one or ten years to get 20/20 vision, the simple knowledge that it is possible is mentally doing more for me than conventional therapy. So yeah. No spectacular improvement for me yet, but there is no denying the value I got from EM so far and I do recommend it whenever I get the chance all in good conscience.

If you think of it in terms of saving the world, it’s true that nothing can do that. I like to think of it as individual tragedies averted; parents whose kids won’t go through the same path as them, young people whose life options expanded from learning of the alternative. If from a hundred optometrist subscribers one of them stops being helpless and limits the damage in themselves and their families, then the effects of EM will multiply with time. I think that in some time, the info on glasses will start getting to people just like the truth on the supposedly “heart-healthy” vegetable oils is now.


It’s a rant not targeted any anyone here. Obviously. :joy:

Sure, nobody cares about reviews. The only point is that I only ever asked for one thing, ever. A thing that’s free, takes a couple minutes to do, “hey tell people you think this is good”.

Somebody looks up endmyopia, sees a thousand positive reviews, it’s one notch in our favor.

How hard could it be? 2-3% of active readers saying yup yup this is good?

That’s the point in my mind. It’s extremely difficult and non rewarding to do things ‘for people’.

If you were to look at my inbox comparing the volume of wanting-help vs. offering anything, the ratio would be … well you can obviously imagine. I can literally name every single person since the beginning, who offered anything - be it translations, or proof reading, Andrew doing the Wiki, Laurens saving the forum.

It’s just extremely rare.

And of course back to the hypocrisy here, I too have used resources extensively and neve given back. Ultimately I guess it’s a rant at myself included. Or just an introspection / child-like tantrum.

Also if we’re going to be honest for a micro-second, I started this whole thing mainly as a f*ck-you to optometry, and a huge pile of morning procrastination. It’s mostly bad Photoshops and rambles and buying camera gear pretending it’s about “making youtube content”. It’s only because it stuck as a habit and so many people used it, that it somehow became an actual thing.

Which is still hilarious. And hopefully we won’t take ourselves too seriously any time too soon. The ‘Daily Beard’ videos and hopefully more ‘Le Secret Meeting’, keeping things properly on the level of not losing ones mind about self importance. :laughing:

So just ignore me. One of the dubious benefits of this forum, once in a while you’ll see the real Jake, uncool at all, bitching about life.


Just as I say this, got this in the endmyopia inbox:

Maybe reviews aren’t the yard stick. It’s just … far more motivating to be part of a group, common goals, making change happen rather than just :man_shrugging: about everything all the time.

Add Rob to the list of awesome people, somewhere out there in the world.



As plain as the nose on my face

Unlikely, but you might get a beard on your side…


Look on the bright side Jake. If Endmyopia were popular, big opto wouldn’t take it very well. You would have died of two self-inflicted gun shot wounds to the back of the head. :ghost:

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I suppose technically it was Not Not that asked for wiki volunteers…

Too bad Rob wrote .com instead of that actual web address :joy: whoops…
But I totally hear you. As many may have noticed I have been on my own rampage lately; about people just consuming youtube content without putting anything back into the community with a simple click on like, it costs a fraction of a second to upvote content and people on the whole don’t do it. It is insane to me that videos with 100s of views and others with 1000s of views and only a handful of likes by comparison.
And that all just piles on to the frustration from the constant plz bros from people who aren’t even trying to figure it out :cry:.
All to say, I totally get the irritation. But there are still grateful freeloaders out there :wink: who are inclined to put back in, and we would never be reached with out your efforts. So for the sake of the next generation of EndMyopians, please keep on keeping on.