Bicycle + high power glasses

Do you feel neck discomfort while riding a bicycle in high power/index glasses? You should really tilt your head so much up relative to the angle of spine to forgo chromatic aberration?

I ride a bicycle for quite long - up to 2-3 hours per day oftentimes.

There are so few bicycle riders here??

I use my bike alot and I see just fine riding it with glasses. I don’t do head tilts or anything else - I don’t experience anything that lloks like chromaric aberration.

Do you use 1.56 instead of 1.6 index?

I wear my glasses and ride my bike. 1.5 index


I wear 1.6 index. i also have a pair with 1.7 index and there is no difference. Both work fine. Mind you, I only have sphere. If you have issues it might be because you have a more complex prescription that would maybe need some getting used to. I presume it has more to do with your prescription than with the index.

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No, I have sphere-only and with cylinder, both give the same thing, they both are 1.6
Abbe value is 40, though. Maybe you have higher Abbe.

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I answered your questions?

Thanks for your answer. But in my opinion you knew that lenses with 1.5 index have almost no chromatic aberration. I am nothing to judge you or anyone, but I wanted to make sure you know it has no purpose to troll anyone like me - you seem to have that done not for one time.

You’re giving me more credit than I’m due there.

This is a pretty trollable post though. You just wear your glasses and ride your bike.


Thank you for this as well - the last edit should look better.