👀 Blazej: -5.25 To -4.25 Progress Report

I haven’t posting progress reports much lately, since I’ve been very busy with outside projects. They’re important though since they reveal specific details from individual experiences, and often offer some shared learning opportunities.

So here’s Blazej’s update, from the BackTo20/20 forum:

Hello to all,

I have been doing my eye rehab since february 2018 and it is time for a little progress report.

To begin with I have to admit that I found endmyopia.org only by coincidence in late 2017, read the blog, watched Jakes videos on youtube and finally in February I decided to sight up to the backto20/20 program since the invitation link was still open.
I started my journey with:
L -5.25 Cyl -0,75
R -5,5 Cyl -0,5
In February and I have to admit I couldn’t see more than 20/25 already. Without endmyopia I would probably end up with another -0,5 diopter after visiting the optometrist.

So I read the sessions, figured out my first differential’s (with would be my old glasses I had wear some years ago), After view weeks ordered a new ones and begun to build habits in my life:
Breaks after 20 min, started to log my centimeters, no glasses in the morning, good light, more outdoor time, awareness and of course active focus witch wasn’t so difficult to me, because I found it earlier but I wasn’t aware what it could be.
Then new normalized where I dropped a little spherical and cylinder:
L: -5 cyl -0,25
R: -5 cyl -0,25
This one went fast: only after a month I had to drop the differentials and because it didn’t gave me to enough challenge. Few weeks later (about 5) I dropped my normalized to
L: -4,5
R: -4,5
At the beginning it was rather uncomfortable, but after ca. 2 weeks I adjusted to them. In that time I was a whole month in ‘vacation’ so I spent mostly the time outdoors and had only a little close up. Two month later I did another normalized drop with was again hard to start with. I only hoped the summer time is going to help my with it. There is where I am right now.
L: -4,25
I can achieve 20/30 right now at 4 meters Snellen chart outdoor, when concentrating at active focus even 20/25 an better for short period of time. The worst is in bad light condition or after sunset an before sunrise. It is really annoying but I am still wearing this normalized and try to focus as much as I can. For driving at night I use my previous normalized and it is OK. I am also aware about the ‘lock in’ issue now. I’ve noticed it with my previous normalized. I needed a month more to reduce, compared with my first normalized.
I also ordered my next differential by the time an am hoping to reduce to -4 by and of the year if the autumn/ winter time let me to.