Blur Adaptation

I think I’ve buggered things up with blur adaptation… Are there EM consultants that can help me get back on track?

I joined EndMyopia 4+ years ago. Other than just using -3 lenses for up close I haven’t done much. This simple change has resulted in diopter decrease though - rather than continual creeping up numbers. So yay!

I’m in the habit of taking my glasses off completely for texting or scrolling on phone.

My last prescription was in July 2019
R: -5
L: -4.75 Cyl -.25
Presbyopia + 1.75
I told them I didn’t want the presbyopia or the astigmatism correction. I tend to want my glasses to give me a soft focus or I get headachey.

Distance - I currently wear -4.25 for both eyes
Near work (computer) -3 both eyes
Cell phone habit - take glasses off

Spending too much time being under corrected can cause the visual cortex to ‘forget’ what the world should actually look like. It needs a reference. If you feel blur adapted, wear normalised and differential corrections that let you see 20/20 without any blur challenge. Take a week off EM and just enjoy clarity, then go back to using differentials/normalised. Make sure you’re doing cm measurements and using the 6m Snellen to make sure you have the proper strength of normalised and differential. 20/40 is what you should aim for, anything weaker would be too much. Also, the 3m Snellen is no good, try and use the 6m if you can in conjuction with the cm measurement.


Hi Selman Thanks so much. I went out and grabbed my driving glasses to wear.

No problem. Just make sure you have 20/20 vision for closeup and 20/20 vision for distance. That means nothing beyond 20/20 for whatever you’re doing. No overcorrection for closeup and no hyperopic defocus (dig out an earlier differential or whatever gives you 20/20 for closeup).

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Great ! This is really helpful. My eyes are enjoying clear focus.

Try it out for a week, then go back to what you were doing before. Stop using it if you exhibit signs of overcorrection such as excessive headaches or discomfort etc.

I can attest to blur adaption making me “forget” what the world should look like.

Earlier this year I did a multi-month experiment to see if eye exercises could “speed up” my improvement. Every month it seemed (in daylight) that I was advancing 0.25D. In reality, my brain was getting better and better and sifting through the blur and giving me sharp(ish) edges. It’s really cool, and I’ll resurrect the technique when I get close to 20/20, but it wasn’t “real”.

As suggested, a Snellen check, using several prescriptions is very useful. Between that, and a similar experiment with PC screens, crosschecked against the iOS Meow-Sure app and against stars at a dark site, I determined my true no-AF baseline current correction. I now pick differentials and PC glasses to require about 0.25-0.5 diopter AF challenge.

Much better, and the world simply looks clearer while maintaining constant improvement :slight_smile: