Boramaenun eye recovery glasses, Excessive Tears explanation, Astigmatism exercise app
  1. Guy has made glasses made for active focus. Adjustable lens -14 to +2. Also it makes images appear to be coming from a farther focal point than it actually is, making it so that you can be at home to get distance vision. Apparently it can make images smaller too and apparently that helps cause the lens tries to relax further to see the small object well.
    Also can add astigmatic training or patching.
    THe machine seems to be out of stock and in some random korean unsure if safe/legit auction site goes for 200k-300k won or 200-300 USD

  2. Also, this guy seems to claim that the uncontrollable tears come from eyes adapting to a new environment where unused muscles are used.

  3. Found out about this through manda in the discord who mentioned an android only app came up in the facebook group: Eyesight training.
    It’s an app that has different shapes to look at to use for “astigmatism exercises” The shapes (like this are at different angles and the idea is to focus in on the parts that are lighter to you. It also has some moving images to use
    I believe the app is designed to be used in tandem with the Boramaenun as it advertises it in the app. Even without the machine though I found the app to be helpful with getting in tune with my vision, I’m sure others would too


I’m reminded of the discussion about Bates recommending straining to see small text being a good thing.

@Viceroy.Sam Didn’t realize you posted the video already! I’ll be more careful next time

@bachus had a hunch / experience that too large things (like standing close to a large building) makes the eye strains / contracted, even though the absolute distance is not close-up. Same can be true for screens if the eye perceive the whole screen as a one object. Also could explain why changing to really tiny fonts helps some people over plateaus. Interesting :thinking:

Otherwise yeah, it seems like a complicated (and ugly) device instead of just ordering glasses for Zenni for Endmyopia :slight_smile:

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I have the product,and try to promote it in China.when you use the glasses,it’s easy to do active focus


Wow that’s great! Can you tell us more about it? What it’s benefit compared to just wearing reduced lenses?

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The image becomes smaller,It can be reduced by five or six times,So when you look at it, you need to focus on it.

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What is Boramaenun ?

" Farther, Smallest "

Boramaenun is the nation’s first object-minifying vision training glasses (its theoretical backgrounds are based on two patents, " A minifier for recovering eyesight " and " Optical device for restoring eyesight ."). Applying scientifically the basic principle for eyesight recovery, " Farther, Smallest ," it was designed so that ordinary people as well as elementary school/middle school/high school students, who inevitably suffer from visual disturbances due to their living in small spaces in which they view smartphone, computer and TV within a close distance, and have the eyesight ranging from -13 diopters (focal length of 7.5 cm) to the hyperopia (presbyopia) of 2 diopters, may have the effects of viewing a long distance, that is, may use thin eye lenses (the eye lens becomes thick for near objects, and thin for distant objects).


  • Could strengthen ciliary muscles by using BORAMAENUN just as you can strengthen your muscles by having daily exercise.

  • Possible five to eight times smaller watching than naked eyes

  • short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism, amblyopia recovery training possible.

  • Could easily use. By just turning main scope tube, adjust from -14 to +2 diopter range

  • Could check each eyesight level. Read laser marked diopter scale on main tube.

  • Able to go through astigmatism training by using grid & spot cap, and also intensive vision training by using convergent lens cap.

  • Five steps pupillary distance adjust function.

  • Total 60gram light weigh structure made by aluminum and gorgeous anodizing colors.

  • Adapt optical glass lenses

  • By continuously exercising to strengthen your ciliary muscles 30 minutesa day, one may recover eyesight 0.25 diopter in a month.

Physical phenomena that can appear after the use of Boramaenun

  1. Sleepiness and deep sleep

The sleepiness is caused by mental fatigue resulting from intense mental operations such as the exhausting cognition of objects and the activation of hardened ciliary body muscles. In such cases, it is good to take a rest. When recovering from fatigue, you will have the feeling that you can see well. After sleeping, you will see objects clearly and distinctly.

  1. Uncontrollable tear (in certain situations)

It can appear at the stage of eyes adapting to a new environment where unused muscles are used. There is no need to worry about that. It will be stabilized gradually.

  1. Lachrymal glands are itchy, or the end of the eye is itchy.

They are temporary phenomena that appear when unused muscles are used suddenly.

  1. Feeling stiff (the feeling of pressure that tightens the eyes from within the eyes and the feeling of brain reaction)

Due to the exercise of ciliary muscles in the thickened eye lens while concentrating on looking at a small focus, the feeling of pulling is reflected as a feeling of externally tightening.

  1. Wooziness and blank mind

Concentrating a bit too long on looking at objects through Boramaenun makes you feel blank, and tension disappears.

  1. Feeling that the eyes are focused on one spot

As you look into increasingly small images through Boramaenun , the feeling that a small focus has been created appears externally as well.

  1. Feeling cool in the eyes

It feels cool and clear in the eyes. The lachrymal glands are stimulated, which is also helpful in relieving the dry eye syndrome. While heat in the eyesmakes the eyes dim, bloodshot, and worsened, a cool feeling indicates the gradual improvement of eyesight.

  1. External objects look larger than their real sizes.

If the above-mentioned symptoms do not appear, it may be said that you failed to bring a small image into focus or did eyesight exercise without concentration that is the most important.

The results of eyesight improvement vary with the degrees of concentration.


How much did it cost you?

$280 or ¥2000

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I have started using the picture linked in the first post to practice clearing my residual astigmatic blur and it has been fascinating and even somewhat helpful short-term! (I haven’t worn cylinder correction in three years but I still notice some of it at times)
I couldn’t use the app because I simply don’t need an additional reason to use my phone, and it’s hard to notice the astigmatism at such a distance anyway.
Something funny happened though. I am pretty sure that the lines that were blurry yesterday are not the same today. Or at least, I am pretty sure I am not seeing the same thing. I have no idea what my eyes are doing but now I feel more than ever that cylinder correction is a nasty thing (especially if your eyes have been free of it for years and they reshape in whatever way they feel like)


Can also download a phone emulator on your computer such as bluestacks to download the app

Beware though, phone emulators are quite taxing for computers and it will run slowly

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I hadn’t heard this. Interesting.


It was in of the Q&A style blogposts. Of course it’s a pro topic, so not something which you should do as a default, but if everything else is tried and nothing helped. Maybe there were some other special thing in that case too, I don’t remember exactly, it was a long time ago when I’ve read it.


No worries, got the idea from you on Discord.

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Great that you have one!
It’s quite a mystery to me, both active focus and the Boramaenum. Is it like looking down a narrow tube? If you say rolled a piece of paper int a tube and looked with one eye would that have a similar affect?

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As I understand it rather looks like full vision just everything is 5x as far away. Like you are checking a wall 2m away and it looks like it’s 10m away.

You can get that effect by using binoculars back to front. Maybe that is useful to do? :thinking:


They got some products :open_mouth: it’s quite pricey

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I’m very intrigued by this, and would like to hear more about it.
@bluecore have you noticed improvements? Can you give us an update on how it’s been gong for you?