Braces & Glasses: Any connection?

I think there is consensus in EM that myopia is caused by

  1. Near work (less than 50 cm)
  2. glasses (lens induced)

I was wondering if wearing braces (for teeth) can be one of the causes for initial myopia?


Good God . you have asked.
I was thinking of getting braces and got the same question in my mind

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Good god. How can braces possibly cause myopia? Only indirectly by choosing to stay indoors, social isolation and insecurity maybe.


Significant changes in ocular refraction, corneal curvature, and ocular position have been noted and measured as a concomitant of the use of dental appliances and/or osteopathic craniosacral manipulations in ongoing therapies for treatment of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome and other related head, neck, and shoulder problems.

The six case histories presented in this paper demonstrate significant changes in hypereye, proptosis, corneal astigmatism (and axis), and refractive error. The magnitude of these alterations ranges from 25% to 300% of the pretreatment condition.

Monitoring ocular changes that may accompany use of dental appliances and/or osteopathic craniosacral manipulations in the treatment of TMJ and related problems


Why not? The hinge of the jaw is said to have a connection with eyesight, why not the arrangement of the teeth, which is often caused by an irregularity in the jaw (or vice-versa)?


There is a connection between jaw, extraocular muscles and ciliary muscle, just like with any other muscle: muscle chains break at occlusion. Malocclusion can cause scoliosis (spine twist), astigmatism and strabismus.

So definitely, malocclusion could be myopigenic. Not saying it even found to be associated with eczema. Raising my back teeth (providing symmetrical contact) has solved spontaneous arrhythmias while lying on the right side, scoliosis and strabismus (by 70%, work in progress), as well as I forgot about heartburn and other gastritis symptoms. So for me it’s clear that malocclusion initiates many malfunctions inside the body… Also I do mewing to widen my palate, and to center the upper jaw.

I found a nice article debunking braces: The consequences of getting braces: what no one warned you about -
So, I recommend the OSB (organization spatiale de le bouche) method instead of braces.

Update: if you already have braces, you can save them and wear after the treatment with an ALF appliance!


Beyond any direct effects caused by the braces themselves, there is probably some “wealth effect” or correlation between “living in a family where parents buy braces for children” and “also living in a family where you have your own computer and phone and your parents take you to the doctor and buy eyeglasses or contact lenses for you and you have money to eat store-bought foods.”

If you read Weston Price, the people leading traditional lives out in the forests or jungles or mountains don’t really have a need for braces. Dental malocclusion is one of those “diseases of civilization”, like myopia.

To @miffiffi 's point, I would guess that a skilled orthodontist could make things better and someone doing a bad job could make things worse. It’s really a more complicated question than “braces” making myopia better or worse.

Getting braces might be a lot like getting surgery. The skill of the surgeon matters a lot as to whether or not the surgery improves your health and well-being.



With this type of cranial distortion, the occipital and sphenoid bones of the skull are fixed in the direction of the flexion (expansion) phase. And the movement of bones in the phase of extension becomes less in amplitude. Such deviations become chronic and affect the posture and the entire state of the body. The flexion type is characterized by hydrocephalus, bronchial problems, headaches, myopia, and pain in the low lumbar spine. Such fixation may have intrauterine reasons, especially with clamping of the umbilical cord, or it may be a mechanical injury received at birth, as well as when falling on the tailbone or feet.

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I do not think that braces and glasses have a causal relationship; however, I believe they have a similar cause: evolutionary mismatch. Our eyes become myopic when you spend too much time indoors doing near work. This is the common scenario in today’s modern world where people are indoors using devices. Because we are meant to be outdoors using our distance vision far more than close-up vision, we become myopic. In the case of braces, or teeth malocclusion, this can also be due to our modern world - specifically our modern foods. Prehistorically, we were eating very robust foods that needed a lot of chewing: tough meats and plants. In the modern world, soft food is everywhere: chocolate, candies, french fries, chips, pastas, breads, soups, pizza… the list is endless. Just like how our skeletal muscles need proper stressors (ie. physical activity) to properly develop, so too do our mastication muscles. If we subject our jaw to predominantly soft foods, the cranium is not subjected to proper stressors to fully develop, hence teeth may get crowded and braces are required. If you want to see proof of this theory, just look up Weston A. Price’s work on the healthy teeth development of indigenous non-Westernized cultures he studied.

So there you go. Our modern world has caused our eyes to lose distance vision because of all the near work and indoor time we do, and our teeth need braces because we don’t chew enough of the robust foods we were meant to! That’s my theory…

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