BREATHING and Active Focus © (very important!)

I started practicing much stronger now after Harsha_raibagi wrote how he practice Active Focus :copyright:. Now i practice 2X1 hour/daily or until my eyes get tired or I felt a burning sensation. Second day of practicing, I have allready have results and flashes of sharpness.

I have - 3.5 L & - 3.5 R, and I practice distant Active Focus :copyright: with - 2.75 (both) normalized glasses, with some blur.

ONE THING HELPS ME A LOT: Breathing! I get relaxed. Close my eyes when I breathe in, and open when I breathe out.

Breathe IN lasts for 4 seconds. I close my eyes for 4 seconds (or untill I breathe in).

I’m so relaxed with this breathing technique and technique Active Focus :copyright: , that I feel so relax and super after that.

2X1 hour… daily. Breathe IN 4 sec. (close eyes), keep air 1-2 second, breathe OUT slowly (open eyes and doing Active Focus :copyright:). :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart: :raised_hands:


Thanks for the tip @Fenix! tried it out today and can notice a difference, will know for certain in a couple of days, specially when I breath in deeply and on the exhale my vision seems to clear a little.

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The eye muscles are very susceptible to stress, and I think they need to relax before and during Active Focus :copyright: exercises. Relaxation in this way may give better Active Focus :copyright: results. That is maybe why some people may not succeed in reducing diopter due to high stress.

Thank you @jorcheclunie for trying this technique. :clap: :raised_hands: :four_leaf_clover:


There was a Japanese guy who did a study on the affect of taking like 7 to 8 deep breaths and how that could reduce your blood pressure or something that simply.

Then there’s Wim Hof that now has science on his side, proving breathing and cold exposure is very good for you in multiple ways.

I wouldn’t hesitate to think for one minute that deep breathing, often, will help us in many ways, including our eye sight. Cool observation, OP.


And beside breathing and relaxing, when you doing Active Focus :copyright: … is MOTIVATION.

This is good example of very very good motivation. :heart: :clap: :+1:

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@Fenix Awesome! What are you typically focusing on during these sessions?

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@imkane …Something like this… :eye:… (through my window).

And, licence plates on cars.

But, breathing and relaxing, when you doing Active Focus :copyright: must be somewhere in nature, or at home. Cannot doing when walking.

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@Fenix thanks! Final question … breathing … in through nose, out through mouth, or some other method?

nice view you got there :wink:

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@imkane … Through nose inhale, exhale through mouth. Normal breathing 4-4 or 5-5, but I think you must have longer exhale when you doing Active Focus :copyright: . Longer exhale than inhale activate Parasympathetic nervous system, which function is relaxing the body.

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I just finally got the Wim Hof method to work this week. It’s so crazy. Now I can save money on my heating bill and burn fat at the same time!

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This is video which explains connection between eyes and breathing.

(Concentrate only on Bates’s explanation of breathing and its effect on the eyes and eyesight, and not on Bates’s eye exercise methods.)

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Why are your normalized so much weaker from your prescription?

@Cyrus I dont know. Maybe because I want more challenge. Suit yourself. If you have tired eyes, better to have not much space between this two diopter - prescription and normalized glasses.

My NORM glasses are -2,75D (both), and my prescription is -3,5D (both)

In one of my meditation books (can’t remember if it was for Kriya Yoga, Wim Hoff or or what) there was a reference that certain pranayama breathing technizues can increase NO2 (nitrous oxide) production. I don’t know if that’s true. But if it is, then we know that NO2 causes vasodialation and relaxation. Just a thought.