Bright Eye's Gains Update

Hi fellow kittenz,

Meow. I’m struggling with equalizing my weaker right eye to my left eye.
I’ve been posting sporadically, but would like to stay on this thread more regularly.
I started Feb 2019 and have gone a full 1 and 1/2 diopters down from glasses, and down .75 diopters from contact lenses. Differentials are currently -3.25 and + I came down just a tad on the axis. So, I have contacts, norm & differential glasses.

I backpedalled a bit for the equalized so both eyes are the same in all corrections. And, like many of us, I had gotten ahead of myself, changing my differentials and normatives a tad too close together in time. I actually upped differentials by -.25, and lowered norms by .25, but this may’ve been too much.

Super frustrated. Looking for words of encouragement and wisdom, as it’s a lonely journey that can feel like a battle. Or maybe some meows. Anything, really. I’ve been at these scripts since mid December, and probably need to give it more time.



Doing the EM journey is as much an exercise in character building as in anything else. Calm determination and patience, and remembering to look back at where you have come from and not only to where you want to go.

Yes, words are cheap (as are meows) but these are my 2 cents worth of encouragement. :+1: :wink:


Every journey has bumps in the road, detours and setbacks. I have been ridding out the winter plateau myself, so I feel your frustration. Being better off now than this time last year is still a win. Take the win and keep on keeping on.
Oh and meow meow meow meow :smiley:

This isn’t scientific, but there is an exercise on a different site I used a lot when I was needing to focus on my eyes individually at times. Sounds like you are frustrated and maybe you want to try something different than usual. It’s not the kind of thing EM is usually about, but I did find it helpful. some of the thoughts that came up for me during this were intense, but it felt like ways to understand myself and my eyes better and ultimately I feel it was helpful on my EM journey. I’ve been close to 20/20 for almost a year, without glasses for about 16 months now!!

Wisdom wise, I agree with the “character building” comment. EM can be a long and highly challenging road. Stay positive, take it easy on yourself, and know that if you are following the steps, you are doing it.

There is an exercise on EM you can look up where you wear your previous normalized for one walk. That was another thing that I used to jumpstart progress when I hadn’t seen progress in a while. It reminds your brain what things are supposed to look like. Read about it first though. To be used sparingly.

Another thing I used to jumpstart progress after period of none was double my outdoor distance time for about 3 days in a row.


That is very inspiring.

I think there are quite a few other things one can do to help with astigmatism, but as they are not part of the EM approach, I have not covered them in the guide. But there might be use for a supplementary guide on other things one can do to help especially with astigmatism reduction. I am nnot all that interested in this myself, as I have found, ever since trying the Bates method several times in the past, that I do not have the discipline to keep up lengthy exercise routimes even though they seem to help.

Mine were amusing and made me laugh, but also gave me an insight into what I need to do, and what I strongly dislike doing - patching. The relationship between my much weaker left eye and right eye was more like a child/parent relationship than a marriage. My left eye claimed to be only a few months old :astonished: I think this is because of its astigmatism which is really hindering improvement, and from recently learning that most very young babies have some astigmatism. :smile:

Will I start patching? Perhaps in baby steps. :wink:

@ajbennett When I feel that the improvements are slowing down I do something similar. I ask myself how I think about the eye lagging behind (typically the non-dominant left eye). Am I angry, do I think about her as a trouble maker, a nuisance, a third party (= not part of me!), a part I wish I could exchange for a better version or get rid of completely somehow? or do I think about it as the little sister, the toddler not being able to keep up with the older sisters’ pace (dominant eye and me) and needs extra support and a bit more care, patience and attention? Being angry at one eye is easy but doesn’t seem to help vision improvement.

And I agree with the other comments on various topics this week:
It is amazing how quickly the mind shifts from “I have to do something to slow myopia progression or I’ll be as blind as a bat” (slow myopia! not even imagining stopping or reversing yet!) to disregarding the stop in the myopia progression and disregarding the gains so far in reversal and ending up with “I’m not improving fast enough, I have been wearing the same corrections for 3 weeks / 3 months still some blur/DV left, this is not working at all, etc…” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It really is! The other shift I think a lot about sometimes is our relationships with blur and clarity. It is way too easy to get it twisted and think “blur is good, blur is opportunity” and inversely “clear is bad, no challenge no improvement” we have to remind ourselves that clarity is the point, and a good thing to have from time to time… The mind is truly a strange thing.