Bringing up Endmyopia

How do you decide who to tell about Endmyopia? It’s hard for me to sometimes know who will be interested and receptive. Do you just bring it up to everyone and deal with the disappointment? Is there some other factor you use when deciding who to tell?


Christina … I forwarded the EM link to everyone I know who sits in front of a computer for a living or have kids who love video games. I actually bring it up to everyone I meet because my cataracts seem to enter into the conversation. I guess EM and everyone else is benefitting from my condition…haha :wink: All seem receptive and said it makes alot of sense.


Seems you have had better luck than I have. The majority of the people I’ve brought it up to have either been too lazy or not interested.

Fantastic question! Look, I’ve found no answer from my brother and my closest friends. Also many of them don’t need glasses so those barely know about my Endmyopia project. But let’s talk about my approach to those who need them. My battlefield? At work, where some people need glasses (not many fortunately for them), where I share many hours with them and where of course I know some of them closer than my best friends that nowadays left the village. So how do I attack them? Well, they know me and they know I don’t turn when asking questions, I go direct always. So I ask them, well, would you like to stop wearing glasses? They almost always ask, what? Lasik? Nooo… slower but really forget about myopia, because lasik doesn’t cure myopia. Then they get interested. Of course I have failure rate as well, although I try not to tell people who don’t care about life. For example today I came to one guy in quality department. Easy victim, young, 2 diopters and not fashion glasses. He looks intelligent enough to know that uncle Francesc is crazy but he always explains interesting stories, so he listened to me. I said eh! Want to get rid of those ugly glasses? hahaha… he said well, they just costed me 50 euros in a close city, I don’t mind if they are ugly for that price. I said well, but you don’t need them to look at the screen. And he tried to watch the screen without them. Well, not fantastic result he said, but maybe I could manage with older ones I have at home. Hehe, I got him. I told about a man that is about as crazy as me and has a fantastic bunch of videos. How is your English i asked. Well, regular (like everyone here). Much better! You’ll learn english too then, like I’m doing. I also told him about the blog, and later, when I came around his table, he was scratching the web, really interested.

Well, sorry for long story. I go direct to people, I know 50% sure who can be interested, and I also know 100% sure who badly need that (you can see the thick glasses), so they are my victims. After that point it’s up to them. I will not push them much, but I’ll be interested in their progress of course. But my failure rate is high as well, because in spite some people are practically blind, they are even more blind in brain.

Well, I’m very glad to be among people who do believe in themselves and take care of their own health :wink:


Since my eyes got so bad and got sucked into Lasik, I feel I’m on this mission to make public service announcements to preserve others’ eyesight whether they take my advice or not. :wink:

Francesc …your posts are always delightful. Good for you for your pro-active approach. For those who take action will certainly appreciate your efforts. By the way, I read your rant post… I’m a native English speaker but I’m constantly looking up word definitions, words that I think I know the meaning but don’t use in everyday conversations. When I studied Japanese, I loved its simplicity… English has way too many words …haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh, one of my friends got into lasik too. The typical inteligent and hard working guy who went to live to Germany. Now in one eye he has 0.75 again. He was told that presbiopia un future could compensate, hehe :roll_eyes: i told him that one german guy can cure that, and if things fet worse please contact me.

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WHAT! Presbyopia to counteract Myopia?! That’s horse hockey. One is a refractive state, the other just means you can’t accommodate because your lens has hardened. Nothing to do with each other *shakingmyhead*

Let’s hope it wan’t his eye doctor who told him this…

I don’t get why people here in Germany always think like this. I hear it all the time. Maybe it’s because the German word for Presbyopia is literally “age induced hyperopia” (Altersweitsichtigkeit) because one of the symptoms is similar - you can’t see clearly close up.

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That’s the million dollar question!

I don’t even bring it up at all with friends. I know, right?!

Still it’s the ultimate question, how to get people shaken out of complacency. Lately I’m looking towards the topic of screen addiction, real life being stolen from us through passive content consumption, rediscovering “reality”, and on the way of all those topics eventually getting to myopia, literal and otherwise.


Of course It was his eye doctor who told him this. It’s common knowledge, isn’t It? :joy::joy::joy:

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My firend first did lasik, then he did another saurgery for cataract. At that time i still don’t know about endmyopia. Right now I have in mind a few people that’s I think maybe open for this.
For other people I need to get better result first. And since most aropund me don’t wear glasses, and for those that wear them, their prescription are much lower. So I have not that many people that may be interested in endmyopia for now.

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Similar story here. I’m still fighting double vision from my pre-endmyopia attempts at vision improvement and haven’t reduced yet. I want to see at least a one diopters solid improvement (and no double vision) before I start talking to people, currently I’m keeping my mouth shut. Only my wife knows about me going at this.

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Great topic! I occasionally bring it up with people if the topic of not seeing well comes up, and I have mixed results, some are curious others are just indifferent. Never found anyone antagonizing the argument completely, but I rarely find someone willing to learn further.
Anyway, my favorite thing is to bring it up with youngsters. At my workplace we often have young students from technical schools that are required to do a few weeks of internship in an actual work environment for their school curriculum. They usually range between 16 and 18 years old. Of course many of them have glasses since they usually are lovely little nerds that spend most of their time in front of a computer. Sometimes it happens that they complain about eye strain and there I go. :grin:
The most receptive was a 17yo that was still glasses free, but he was noticing his sight getting worse in one eye and was going to have an eyesight check up soon. After I explained all the stuff to him he started taking short breaks regularly looking at the signs across the road through the window. I haven’t seen him after his internship was over, I hope he’s still glasses free.
The most heartbreaking was just a couple of weeks ago, this poor 16yo student had obvious issues looking up close with his glasses, I noticed him blinking aggressively most of the time to focus on the screen and suspected he was way over corrected. As he brought up the topic complaining that he was having an headache, I found out he was wearing a -10 with high astigmatism. I asked him how far he could read clearly without glasses and he could read farther than I can and I’m around -5 for goodness’ sake! :scream: the most crazy thing is that his doctor even warned him about his excessive close up habits and said that he can have troubles up close with that correction, and yet didn’t even think to prescribe a weaker pair for close up? Or wonder if maybe, maybe that prescription wasn’t quite right? What the hell are they doing with this poor boy? From how he spoke about it he was pretty down about the state of his eyesight, I explained a few core concepts to him and then, since he was smart and surprisingly good with English (a rarity in my country), I dropped him the website address and told him to read everything on there and then think with his own head. He didn’t look very convinced, but I hope I planted the seed of rebellion :wink: now maybe he’s too young to make his own choices about it (also, he’s son of two MDs, I bet it would be very hard to deal with them), but maybe he will remember this crazy talk at a certain point, read the site and become responsible of his own eyesight. :crossed_fingers:


I sometimes wish I had endmyopia business cards to just hand out to people without saying a word.

If I see someone on FB complaining about the price of glasses, contemplating Lasik, etc., I usually just post without elaboration. If they are truly interested, they will go.

I learned many years ago when to shut the fuck up. Teach by example, not by preaching. I know how frustrating it is when you find this awesome information and you just want to share it with the whole world, but in my experience, ultimately, people don’t care until they do. You can only change yourself, blah blah blah, etc. If people want to know, they will start seeking.


I brought it up at the beginning and got attacked by some acquaintances that are ophtalmologists, so now I keep my mouth shut unless people ask, which is common because many have noticed I change my glasses often. They think it is a matter of style and then I tell them I am eliminating my myopia. I just drop it like the most normal comment and watch some jaws drop.

As a side note, in the fitness community everyone is open to the idea of reversing myopia since it is normal for people to reshape their bodies through food, exercise and habits. Also, almost no one wears glasses. One of my mentors told me years ago that I should hang out with like-minded people, build my community with those that love the outdoors, movement, meditation and ecology. Those are not my fitness friends but my true friends. I have found that to be the case with myopia. If I tell someone and they are not open to the idea, they are not my kind of people.


Nice to see you here, Moni! And the message completely true. Unfortunately for me I can’t keep my mouth shut when the truth is so shocking, but well, I also choose my victims before preaching :wink:


Sometimes I feel like the younger generation is more open to thinking outside the box, at least in the US. I hope those you have told are at least reading the site and thinking about it.


Someone recently bought a pair of new, unopened contact lenses I’d bought but decided not to use (dry eyes). I left a little note inside the box giving them the blog link which said I had to share it as I’d had success with it myself :slightly_smiling_face:


I tried with a few people, mostly because of conscience. I know they may not all take it seriously right away, but I think it makes a huge difference that I at least tell them that I know something, and should they be ready to take it seriously, they can ask me about it again.

I usually just explain the principles as best as I can in the simplest way. That usually involves a few paragraphs of my own understanding of the topic (which also furthers my understanding because of attempting to write about it) or I tell them in person. They find it interesting, they don’t usually ask further. We leave it at that, which I accept.

I tell them that I learned these things from a website and online community so there’s lots and lots of sources aside from me personally, but I tell them they can ask me to help them in the future if they find it overwhelming. I haven’t really linked them directly to the site because if they weren’t driven to excitement by short simple paragraphs, they wouldn’t be driven to excitement by the overwhelming amount of free information that we already have. So right now, they’re mostly just waiting for me to make more progress on myself. Better to inspire them with the changes I make as a person than all this yapping and blabbering… Still, I can’t help yapping and blabbering from time to time anyway, because I get so excited about the method!!!

Funnily, the further I progress with the method, the less urge I have to yap about it to others (I am more patient and go-with-the-flow). I am a meditator. All will happen in due-time :slight_smile:


I have another crazy idea, though… Sometime in the future when I’m a bit more well-off (there’s time for that since I just graduated) I will gift differential glasses to special friends just to get them started (the people who were interested or believed its truth but were lazy or were not in any rush). I’ll say “just try them and see if it makes you feel better”

Of course, I’d let them pick out the frames. Then I’d say “don’t feel bad about the gift, it would be your gift back to me if ever you get positive results for trying”

I mean, really, prevention from getting worse is sooo huuuuuuge, it’s the best gift you can ever give them! And they don’t have to put much effort so it would be appealing to them! That alone gives one most surprising result: “omg my other glasses suddenly feel so much stronger”.

I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they admit their amazements.

Then it’s up to them if they want to give more effort after that. Either way, I’ll be here to help because I enjoy this journey so much I can easily enjoy it through other people I know.


I talked about it to some of my closest friends, especially the ones that have myopia. It seems like they believe me but don’t really care haha. Well what can i do? If for them myopia and wearing glasses is not a problem, I can’t force it! Unless they start saying they might do LASIK I won’t insist more.

Other than that well there is a Snellen chart in my home and I like to make people test their vision when they come haha. That’s an easy way to bring up the subject too.

I’m a homemaker so I don’t have coworkers but my fiancee does and this week, she found herself explaining the basics of vision and myopia because her coworkers were talking about vision and comparing their myopia! They seemed very interested in the concept behind Endmyopia and thought it made sense. She didn’t push it too much, but the seeds have been planted!