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After three years of looking at Endmyopia I realise I need to take positive action to begin addressing my presbyopia, sending greetings from Edinburgh.

As a presbyope I’ve returned repeatedly to Endmyopia uncertain where to start or how to start when my tiny/ non existent accommodation range means I can’t see at a distance or up close without varifocals so have found measuring impossible, increasing the underlying fear that my vision is deteriorating/ irreparable. The last optometrist visit recommended stronger glasses which I refused, so here I am, asking for any support or suggestions about how best to proceed.

Right Eye:
Sphere +2.5 Cyl -0.5 Axis 70 ADD +2.00

Left Eye:
Sphere +1.5 Cyl -0.5 Axis 90 ADD +2.00

Eek, yes I know this is Endmyopia but I’d be grateful for any encouragement.
I’ve definitely cut down on screen time, improved my diet and try to spend as much time outdoors walking and running as possible. What are recommended first steps? Get separate normalised and differentials reducing +ve lens corrections and work at AF for challenging near closeup?

Thank you in advance for any support, advice or inspiration to continue…


If I understand correctly you’re a hyperope (plus lenses for distance) and now because of presbyopia it’s causing you trouble.

None of the stuff below is really EndMyopia, but it might be useful to you.

Presbyopia is tough to fix because the lens has hardened, there are some experimental eye drops from Novartis that seem promising that actually soften the lens (so perhaps something to look forward to if nothing else works in the meantime.)

It’s possible to train accomodative facility using near far drills, lens flippers, or pencil push-ups. There are also tricks you can do to increase your accommodation, such as crossing your eyes to look at a text. There’s an “accommodation vergence system” and generally the more your cross your eyes the harder your eyes will accommodate.
presbyopia_chart.pdf (24.5 KB) I think that’s the basis for the presbyopia chart (not EM endorsed, possibly useful.)

The effects of accommodative facility training on a group of children with impaired relative accommodation—a comparison between dioptric treatment and sham treatment - ScienceDirect.

Another way to train accommodation is to have something nearby, focus on that, and then focus on something far away. You can use a Hart chart but there’s noting really special about them. You could use a book or magazine and an eye chart on the wall, or TV or anything further away.

In your case you might want to use +2 and +4 in the lens flippers, or maybe +2.5 and +3.5 to start out with. The idea is to look at a text about 40 cm away and clear it up through the 3.5, and then flip and try to accommodate hard and clear it up through the 2.5, then flip and relax and try to clear it through the 3.5. Over time you should get faster and stronger at accommodating. You don’t need a special text, you can read the newspaper or computer or whatever. Once you get fast with a 1 diopter accommodation range, try switching lenses and using a 1.25 diopter range, 1.5 diopter range, etc.

You can get something like this and put in trial lenses of the appropriate strength to train your accommodation facility, with the goal of increasing speed and range.

You could also try lowering the add power 0.25 diopters in your varifocals and seeing if you can slowly tweak that down over time too (more EM style).


Huge thanks for your prompt answer and leads to follow up - blown away by the generosity of everyone on the forum. I’ve been using the presbyopia chart you’ve mentioned and will incorporate the other suggestions to practice. Will update with any improvements as we go…


We have seen hyperopes show interest in EM before, but unfortunately they never seem to be the type to document their progress. The theories are sound that you should be able to adjust the method to your own vision needs, unfortunately though we can only guess concerning your process. It would be very cool if you documented your progress here for future hyperopes.


Thats a great suggestion to document hyperope progress, as I felt v bewildered for a long time about what the issues were and how to even begin to address them. Planning to keep doing the Presbyopia reversal chart with renewed enthusiasm, take the leap with gradual diopter reductions and look at the other suggested exercises to incorporate. Be glad to encourage others along with any new understanding and hopefully progress in the months ahead…


Obviously presbyopia is related to aging with less flexibility of the lens for accommodation.
But what I gathered here from the few people - who were myopes already with or about to get multi/bifocal glasses - was that as they taught their eyes to accommodate again and change between focal planes, as their distance vision improved their close up vision improved, too.

You can’t lose really but you may reduce from the pluses.
Good luck

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Not saying that this would be worth doing but it’s an interesting read at least.


Sounds similar to the Gabor patch training. It’s basically using blur adaptation to your advantage if it works the way the neuroplastic people think it works, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it also does something to the eyes themselves, which, some argue, are part of the brain.