Bulletproof Podcast?

This kind of stuff(below) is really what we need to grow - I think only the meow-community can source these kind of connections, and I’m hoping that more darlings will think about who they know, who may know somebody who knows somebody … who is connected to symbiotic type platforms to share ideas about zeeee eyeballllls.


Little fyi that I attended a business convention and Kevin Harrington spoke about mentoring…some may know him as one of the pioneers of infomercials. He does weekly podcasts featuring entrepreneurs so I plugged endmyopia in case he’s interested in entrepreneurs that are not necessarily just motivated by money alone. :wink:


That’s super cool! Any way to follow up with him?

Yes… Kevin is a long time friend of the VP of Marketing, who I don’t know personally, but I can email him to ask if there’s better contact info than his website kevinharrington.tv. I plugged EM from the link on his site. I’ll let you know if the VP responds. Kevin’s FB page is soliciting entrepreneurs to be co-authors of his collaborative book if you want to check outt the 3 min video.



These can also be forwarded to Kam (kamla@endmyopia.org) who is managing outreach efforts for us. She’s quite awesome at keeping track of everyone on the potential list of chat friends. :slight_smile:

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