BUMMER! We Got Scammed Out Of $1,500 By The Podcast Management Company

I promised you guys podcasts after hiring Interview Valet (Facebook https://www.facebook.com/InterviewValet/, Twitter https://twitter.com/interviewvalet) - they promised “top 20% podcast Interviews”. Pricey but big promises, I figured it’d hopefully be worth it.
Turns out that Tom Schwab who’s the dude over there just hires subcontractors to cold e-mail podcasts, and all they could produce was podcasts with zero reviews and mostly shilling Internet exercise programs and get rich quick schemes. No actual book of business or great podcast connections at all!
I questioned Tom on this which lead to literally no response whatsoever, besides continually billing our card for $700 a month. $700 that could be going to actually promoting endmyopia, and not just Tom’s pocket.
Somewhat audacious stuff, pretty sad.
So it’s back to square one with finding somebody to manage outreach. Sorry about the setback, we’ll get there eventually!

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Such a shame that people just behave and scam like this and sleep well at night. The thing is though, what goes around usually comes back around Herr Schwab. Judgement day will come for you! :smiling_imp:


Sucky. Stand on the fact that endmyopia is right. While getting the message out is a slow grind, we all get to be early adopters.

If we are seeing growth, more members doing YouTube, etc., we’ll get there.

The world of scam - really so annoying. All 5-star ratings on facebook are a bit suspicious, though. So far at least, most of the scammers don’t tend to go the extra mile of buying some credible non-5-star reviews along with the fake brilliant ones - at least that’s my experience.

If you haven’t already, you can inform your credit card company and they may be able to refund your money if you explain the situation that the company is scamming you.
Some of my family members have dealt with credit card returns like this (one got scammed through eBay). Worth a try if you haven’t yet!