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So a while back I (re-) added the option to pay for courses with Bitcornz. As one might expect by the nature of this whole project, ole Jakey is a fan of decentralization, having currencies not tied to government agendas, and generally less control and oversight.

Surprise, surprise. :wink:

I dream of a day of having all endmyopia content exist on blockchain-based, decentralized media. Not having to ask Apple for approval, not having to worry about social media censorship.

Guess we’re not quite ready for all that, just yet?

Or also maybe never. People love the easy way, being told they’re safe, being told what to do and who to trust. Probably for the best if one is to take one tiny look at all the deep-end of fringe Internet.

Either way though, you can buy our courses (and support endmyopia) via Bitcoin. I save in bank and currency conversion fees, and you get to be a rebel with your not-government monies.


I don’t have any bitcornz, but do you accept keep cups? I seem to have a plethora of those …


Please accept my 2,000 bottlecap collection as payment


Wonderful collection you have there. May I recommend taking up a sport or something?


I can’t tell if that was :fire: or not. :joy:

Also what’s up with the bottle caps? Is that a real collection of stuff?


Got a couple of these laying around in the back yard, though not sure the Bitcoin conversion rate. Good?



Sending those could be more expensive than BTC transaction fees. :thinking:


No worries I can bank them for you, and no re-hypothecating…promise! :rofl:

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Jokes aside, as someone with zero knowledge in finance, I would love to hear from people who have some experience about bitcoins; safety, risks, is it a good place to keep your monies, etc.

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Same here. I thought bitcoins were a scam for a long time.

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Safety: totally safe if you use your own wallet. By “safe” I mean if you have 1 bitcoin today and you use your own wallet then you will have 1 bitcoin 10 years later too. The value may change, see below. If you use an online wallet it’s exactly as safe as the website where your wallet is.

Risk: huge. Exchange rate has high variability. You should treat it like a high risk stock, not as money.

Is it a good place to keep your monies: treat the same as a risky investment.


That’s good to know, thanks! What do you mean by “your own wallet” vs “an online wallet”? There aren’t physical bitcoins are there?

Also sorry for hijacking the topic but I was wondering about a use case. Suppose you get an advantageous contract for a job in a foreign country, so you think you’ll go work a year or two there, save for a bit, and go back home and buy, say, a car. Now let’s say the country in question wants the money to be spent within its borders in order to boost its economy, and thus has policies that make transfers to foreign banks a huge ordeal if not impossible. In this case, how would someone go about moving their savings (without smuggling cash) across continents? Like, is there some honest online service that can serve as storage or something?

Giant stone wheel ETFs, perhaps? :thinking: It could be the next asset class!

Buy a Trezor. If you keep a lot of coins, you want to keep them nowhere near an Internet connected device.

Use case, the currency exists only where you store it’s access key (that’s really fascinating if you think about it). Theoretically all your “money” could just be in your head (though of course less recommended).

And no waking up tomorrow to hyper inflation or some government agency having decided to block your bank account. It is actually yours rather than a government IOU.

If it was ever adopted widely (highly doubtful) it would change the game of government control very fundamentally.

Unfortunately it’s a very fringe experiment at this point. It could be a nice store of value if it ever turns out that long term people consider it such. Right now very much used speculatively, lots of people gambling on wider adaption and therefore increasing value of their holdings.


Cryptos is the modern day gold rush. Plenty of players. Plenty of scammers. Plenty of money to be made. Plenty of money to be made off the players. Plenty of money to be lost as well. Lots of people rushing in. Not very established. No one really knows how it will all play out. Thousands of different crypto coins out there. Most will be worth nothing.

But if you are lucky enough to be holding the right coins, you can make a small fortune. Most coins start out at a few pennies and then go up 10x, 100x, 1000x their original value.

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