Buy lens online with prism value over 5?

Is it possible for a member of the public to buy prisms greater then 5 online?

Zenni and EyeBuyDirect both appears to be limited at 5.

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After some research (Tip to find serious glass resellers search “measure pd”).

Marvel Optics go up to 10.

Payne Glasses go to 6, only US shipping.

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finest glasses - up to 10.

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firmoo do prism glasses up to 8.

Prism diopters should not be no more than 8.

*Prescription can only be processed with Thin Spheric 1.56 index single vision lenses or Advanced-Thin Aspheric (1.60) single vision with anti-scratch coating or anti-reflective coating

Then on the above basis, they can be tinted as sunglasses only if both eyes have prism instead of one and the direction of prism should be the same, or chromatic aberration will be caused.

Other than those, prism prescription cannot be put in bifocal/progressive, Blue-light blocking/photochromatic lenses with /without advanced ultimate coating.

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In Ukraine we have Izyum optics in Kyiv.

Perhaps its shipping is limited to Ukraine.

There are specs also:
Diameter: 75-55 mm
Prism: up to 10.0 D
Sphere: ±6.0 D
Cylinder: ±4.0 D

Been wondering whether I can buy somewhere some uncut lenses with 5.0 and 10.0 BI as diffs and for very close work, respectively. As with condition now, these would be more than -6.0 and maybe with some cylinder also.