Buying Glasses from Online


When searching for new glasses online, they give the options of distance, intermediate and for reading. What should you select if you want to use your new -4.25 glasses for differentials for right now, but later want to use those same glasses for when your at that normalized for distance?

Seems like they are offering to reduce the PD for you if you choose close or intermediate. Does the site have a FAQ that could verify?

Do you have cylinder correction? If not, PD isn’t as vital. I can’t tell a difference under -3 diopters, not sure about the -4 range.

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I’d just go with distance. As long as you put the right correction + pd in the prescription box it doesnt matter. I think distance and intermediate are just settings the website uses that dont affect the glasses but i could be wrong.

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For close-up glasses the PD und PH are changed from what you have in distance vision glasses, as the eyes converge and look down when engaging in close-up. An optician once told me “you cannot use the close-up glasses for anything else”. So going by that, one would do better in ordering regular distance glasses as differentials if one wants to wear them later as normalized. I did.

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