Buying glasses in India

can anyone suggest any website for buying glasses without prescription in India (especially Bengal) ? i am not able to buy glasses from store( both online and offline ) as they are denying to give without prescription

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prescription isn’t mandatory when buying online
try Lenskart or Coolwinks and so many more are also available

Does zenni not deliver to India? I thought they delivered worldwide…

i have tried but they are wanting prescription @gaurav12 @likhith what to do plz assist me

Did you try Lenskart?

I have never bought glasses online.I have my regular optometrist.

Buy from 99lens,gkboptical,titaneyeplus…
I would recommend Lenskart first.

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Zenni just asks you to type in the numbers, no need to give them an official prescription

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Yeah they don’t deliver to India

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