Bye-Bye 2020 (but not 20/20)


Each with our say and part to play

Near-sighted and united

Down the lines of minus signs

Minding active focus hocus

Young or old, shy or bold

Oft verbose, perhaps morose

Parents too, alas too few

In this sad year of loss and fear

A wish for more – a better, clearer year in store

:champagne:Cheers! :champagne:


Since it’s already 2021 in this part of the world: happy new year everyone!!! :partying_face:


this part of the earth celebrates New Year in about one month :rofl:

That’s beautiful, and well expected from someone who’s being teaching English for so many decades :100:

You clearly haven’t heard my neighbours :wink:

Thank you! I have been writing poetry and stories from well before I became a teacher, but studying and teaching English literature does help. :grinning:

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it was very quiet here in Nanjing. :grinning: