Can anyone please check if I have done this right?

Is there anywhere I can read more on differential and normalised as I am a little confused of how much to drop as I have astigmatism. :slightly_frowning_face: Please correct me if I’m wrong. For normalised drop 0.5 sph and don’t change cyl and axis. For differential drop 1.5 and blank cyl and axis if cyl less than -1. If cyl is -1, convert it. this is the part I’m not sure how to convert. If my re is -7.5 sph 0.25 cyl and left eye is -8.75 sph and 1.00 cyl, I saw best with +1 reading, my differential should be re -6.5 le -8.25?

I may get the wrong impression here, but your question looks very diopter specific, and also suggests you are looking for an easy and quick way to save the time on measuring and experimenting that would be required to match your exact case with the right solution for your own eyes.
You’ll need to familiarise yourself with the basics. I’d suggest signing up for the 7-day guide. That will help you understand how to measure and how to decide on the reductions.

Alternatively start with this video:
A Beginner’s Guide to Endmyopia

Having said that, if you are super lazy buy reading glasses between +0.5D and +2.0D and put them in front of your existing corrections and see which ones give you too much blur / manageable blur / still no blur. Go for the manageable blur only - the one you can still clear with some consciousness but not by squinting or straining the eyes. Focus on the close-up distance first. Challenge yourself with manageable blur as often as it feels OK for your eyes.
This will only address the SPH part, but that should be OK for high myopes for the very start.

EM recommends reducing screen time, but - based on anecdotal evidence - reading the good EM materials available in the forum (especially the how-to guides) and on the site actually can improve your vision :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your calculations are correct if you are going for diffs 1D weaker than your full correction. As you have tried this out with +1 reading glasses, I assume you do not want to reduce any more than this. As glasses are still quite expensive in your diopter range, you might want to consider going for a 1.5D reduction instead. You can always adjust your distance to screen accordingly and push your screen out as you improve. If expense is not a consideration, a conservative reduction, as you have suggested, is probably a safer bet. You could also compromise and go for a 1.25D reduction. This might save you the cost of one pair of glasses :smile:

Welcome to the forum, and good luck on this journey.


I have done the seven day and I have experiment with the reading glasses. I’m just not sure how to drop my cyl for differential. I’m in the middle of 20/20 course and I’m a little confused of one of the cyl section for differential.

If you follow the official back to 20/20 program, click on Support link in the second row between course list and Log tool (not on the Le Meow Forum in the first row of links) and write your question there. Jake will get back to you within 24 hours typically. Include your cm measurements and the reductions you made so far and then your question - that helps his reply and can cut out one round of back and forth.


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I went to the chemist and tried +1 and +1.5. I think the +1.5 is a little too strong it makes my eyes very uncomfortable whereas the +1 is more comfortable. +1.25 sounds like a great idea I might do that. Thanks!

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If you are on the paid course, Jake himself will give you the best advice. But there is a lot of collective experience on the forum as well, and it is sometimes useful to get different opinions. :smile:


Looked more like a request to check calculations to me. But it is sometimes very hard to tell. :smile:

This was a perfectly OK question for the paid course, of course.
But could have been a plzbro question from a free DIY person.

The 20/20 course often refers to the Support as “post your question in the forum” which is really misleading…
@jakey @Laurens tagging the masters, they may want to replace the references?



Please be so kind to refrain from asking us to give you diopter specific advice. It’s all well layed out in the House Rules. For starting to reduce cylinder and astigmatism, there are some great pointers to be found in the FAQ on the wiki:

It makes me a little sad to see Christine reprimanded again for an honest mistake.

I know nothing about the paid course, but I assume Bianca is right on this.

I assume this is what misled Christine and what Bianca was suggesting should be changed.