Can I Correctly Guess If a Person Has Myopia Based on Their Outlook on a Certain Topic Challenge

Sorry to be quite vague on a lot of context and details, I didn’t really get to ask permission or whatnots from the participants I was with, I was just able to get some details from them through an online survey I sent out which I originally designed as a way for them to introduce themselves to me (as I haven’t met them ever, nor do I think I will meet them soon.)

I got curious on the percentage of myopic people in the group so I sneaked in one question asking them if they need vision correction for their daily activities. It was only until I received the first few responses that I decided to play a guessing game with myself.

There was a question about pursuing their passion and another question on how they feel on a certain topic that had recently affected a lot of us in that institution. I had based my guessing decision on 2 things:
1.) My instinct
2.) Whether they expressed anxiety or negative outlook. If they did, I most likely guessed that these are those who needed vision correction.

So out of 63 responses (58.73% of which needed vision correction,) I was able to correctly guess 66.66% of the time (so I incorrectly guessed 33.33%.) I know my batting average is poor and this is totally unscientific lololol :laughing: :rofl: :sweat_smile: I just wanted to have fun with guessing and see where it goes!

I might have another opportunity (probably not very soon though) to send out a similar survey to another group of people. If there’s a more interesting variable I can base my guesses from, let me know and maybe I can try to sneak it into the questionnaire, and I’d be happy to share results. :wink: