Can I get some help? I'm ready for normalised :D

Hi, my name is Emily. I’m really excited to get my first normalised correction and finally properly start my end myopia journey. But first I want to be sure I’m getting the correct prescription so thought I’d get some help from the experts :wink:

Current centimetre results
Left Eye 25cm | -4.00dpt (I think this is higher because of my astigmatism)
Right Eye 22.6cm | -4.50

Current Prescription
Left Eye - 3.25 and 1.00 cyl
Right Eye - 4.50 and 0.75 cyl

Eye chart in natural lighting I can read 20/20
Indoor lighting 20/20

Current Differential Prescription
Left Eye - 2.50
Right Eye - 3.00

Distance with differentials 42cm with each eye

Thank you so much!

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Welcome to the forum. For your situation it seems that the standatd EM advice is the best - drop 0.25D of spherical correction in each eye to start off with. You also have the space to make a 2nd spherical only reduction when it is time to do so, before trying to reduce cylinder correction in your norms or to go for a spherical equivalent for the cylinder. If you have not already looked at it, you may find this guide useful.Working Group on Astigmatism Guide

Good luck on this journey. :smile:

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