Can I improve my eyesight without differentials?

I have -2.50 in both my eyes.Did the calculation and got -.75 as my differentials.But my father refused to buy them as we’re financially weak.
So I can’t use differentials for this method but I can get normalized glasses.

I can read my books clearly without glasses.Can see my laptop screen at 38-40 cm but have to lean forward.

Please provide an answer. Can I improve with my normalized only? My father is strict and he gets angry because he thinks I am wasting money.I tried to explain him how endmyopia method works but he is not willing to listen.He thinks it’s a scam.

Yeah but he will buy normalized glasses.Thats no issue. Shall I start without differentials?

It looks like you will have to. I started off with a distance of about 40cm to screen, and did not use differentials. I concentrated on trying to work a little past the blur distance and could soon push the screen further away. If you do a lot of screen work, this might be a strain. An alternative is to make sure you keep your screen as far away as possbile when you wear your norms for screen work.

You can certainly start with learning to clear a small blur challenge at distance with norms. Good luck.

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For -2.50 in particular, this shouldn’t really be a problem. Try to adjust your desk position so it’s as comfortable as it can be, of course.


I myself started off with a similar level of myopia, and I haven’t ever worn a pair of differentials. It’s possible, but it may be tricky. You should do your best to customise your setup so it’s as ergonomic for your distance to blur.

If I were to go through this journey again I would’ve purchased differentials, because working on a laptop at my distance to blur wasn’t ergonomic for me. I got neck pains from having to look at such a steep angle down. I fixed that by adjusting my chair height to be lower. Then I got wrist pain from the new angle my arms were operating at. This has gradually gotten less painful as I take every opportunity to improve my setup as my eyes allow it, but it really hasn’t been the healthiest way to improve. I was just trading the health of the rest of my body for the health of my eyes.

If you experience the same then I’d recommend trying whatever you can to acquire a pair of cheap differentials, or maybe an external keyboard and mouse so you can avoid the drawbacks of keeping your laptop really close.


This is what I did as my distance to blur on screen increased.

Should be OK to work close-up without differentials. If it’s a laptop, maybe you can move it closer so you are not leaning forward? Don’t move it very close, just to the edge of blur, and try to keep it as far as possible. If you spend a lot of time in front of the screen, then set it at a distance that is the furthest where you can still see it clearly and then gradually build up time when you are pushing it a few cms further so you have to clear a tiny bit of blur and when you get enough of the challenge, move it back to the maximum clear distance. Gradually you’ll be able to increase the time and the increase in the distance will come automatically

If I understand correctly you now have full prescription glasses of -2.50D. A normalised would be something lower but you will have to wait and measure before you can determine what it should be. The first drop will depend on a lot of little things.
So start working with the differentials as explained and wait with getting the normalised. Until then make sure you move everything to a bigger screen if possible (don’t watch movies on your phone, try to move chats to a laptop / tablet) and push everything to the max distance, make sure you have good lights all around you, make sure you spend at least the first 20 minutes of the day without glasses observing what you can see around you (so you’ll be able to notice the gradual improvement), and spend a lot of time outdoors if you can.

Thank You🙂

Thank You…