Can see better when measuring with both eyes

So I’ve been measuring my eyes with the endmyopia calculator. I typically am in the range of 19cm to 23cm in both eyes.

Today I was curious so I tried to measure with both eyes open. And it was between a 26cm to 29cm.

This is like a 3.5 to 3.75 compared to my previous measurements being between a 4.25 & 5.25.

Curious if anybody else has a similar situation?

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I can usually do an extra line or two on the eye chart with both eyes vs whichever eye is acting up at any given moment. Weirdly my individual eyes vary from day to day as far as which one is better. If you have a little bit of astigmatism it’s possible that they complement each other nicely (one’s a little better at one axis and the other is a little better at a different axis.) Your brain does a good job of figuring out “what things are supposed to look like” and showing you that.


Hmm I don’t have an astigmatism but it is interesting that I’ve noticed one eye can see an edge well where the other cannot & vice versa. Regardless of how I change the angle in which I look at it.

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This is totally normal.
I’ve always measured left - right - both, and always focused on the binocular results most (as long as the 2 individual eyes didn’t drift apart more than 0.5D, i.e. max 2 lines on Snellen).
When the eyes and the brain function as normal, binocular vision gains extra bits (pixels, depth, more light, etc) to the overall picture.
What you noticed is actually good news for your journey. :relaxed: