CAN Start My Journey!

Hello everyone,
I’m finally starting my journey. Not sure if this post belongs in this section, but here’s what I’m going to do. If you have any advice, please let me know!

My current prescription from a month ago from optician:

OD: -2.5
OS: -2.25
OD: D.S,
OS: -0.25
axis 155
OD: +0.5
OS: +0.5

I will be ordering my first pair of differentials soon. I also got my glasses from the optician with the prescription above (for free because of insurance). Should I get new glasses without the CYL that I will use for distance?

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Jake says you can sometimes drop your cylinder, and yeah, your cylinder is very low. You could probably drop it if you want to. My ethos for myself was, especially at the beginning, to make only very small and controlled changes until I know I had it correct. So for me, I did not drop any cyl, even though my cyl was -0.25 or -0.5. But in your case, it really would probably be fine either way. Depends how gung ho you are feeling.

I assume you already know not to include “ADD” values in your normalised or differentials. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your comment I really appreciate it!

So it would be fine if I keep the glasses with the prescription above and use those for distance rather than get another pair of glasses with the same prescription but without the CYL right

Yes, as far as I understand it, that would be fine for distance as you begin the EndMyopia method and get used to differentials for close up.
Just make sure you swap to your differentials for close up work rather than looking through the ADD of your current glasses.