Carole Makes A Video: -10.00 Down To -5.00

These videos are sooo much more expressive than just writing text posts.


Totally inspirational as I am high myopia and would be stoked halving it!


Carole…such a great video production! Your journey is remarkable…will certainly get alot of Views because it’s exactly what myopes, especially double digits, are looking for. The link will be posted to the High Myope Topic thread in case this topic gets bumped down too far. Congrats on your progress :grin::hugs:


Holy whackamoly!

In terms of spherical equivalent, she apparently dropped -5.75 dpt, and she still says she can see 20/20 in daylight. (Note that she dropped -1 of cylinder.)

DROPPED FIVE POINT SEVEN FIVE DIOPTERS AND CAN STILL SEE WELL. That’s incredible! Literally, because practically nobody outside vision improvement circles will believe it.


Absolutely incredible. Sitting at a similar starting point, this really does get me hyped for the future. I think discussing what worked and what didn’t is particuarly important for high myopes, since we tend to have more complex prescriptions.


So true. I think really it’s because people come to the site, don’t see a merchandise section with a 7 foot bronze statue of a guru (out of stock), and immediately assume that this outfit can’t be the real deal.


Congratulations, Carole! And yet another reason to keep going with af…


Such an interesting (and entertaining :grin:) video! Thank you Carole.


Thank you.

do remember that I got told “don’t take the glasses off” a lot between 7 to 10. when I was a teenager I could barely see, so I did wore the glasses without questioning it


Wonderful! Congratulations Carole! Great information, very inspirational and humorous too!


Yeah!! I completely followed that advice when I was a child. That really screwed me.


What’s the best time to reduce cylinders? Is it around 4-5 diopters? Can you reduce both spherical and the cylinder, which would mean that after adding some diopter back I’ve only reduced the cylinder? I don’t want to undercorrect the axis. I mean, -1.0 cylinder equals to about -0.5 diopters. It should be a crime to tell someone to read with full prescriptions on, because it can be used as such.

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Carole, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make this video. Including the details of your close vision habits which contributed to the myopia to begin with was very helpful!! Please, if you make more videos, please include the nice things you are doing to encourage yourself to do distance viewing. Thanks again!!!


Jake has a post in the blog about doing this. It comes after a bilateral drop or two. First in the differentials, then in normalized. You can choose to drop cylinder slowly, or make spherical corrections and go from there. It’s a DIY project. If you have cylinder, test lens kits can be useful.

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Wow! Thanks so much for this - I can relate so much! Also have high myopia and it’s SO encouraging to see this kind of progress report.


Thank you so much for this post! I started with an official script of -8 and some cyl in each eye, and it’s so good to hear (and see) this. My husband is also a doubter, and it’s a little hard sometimes, kinda lonely. The video had me laughing with the sounds you picked!


@heltonmommy Hey neighbor I live just south of you. With a bit more sun. No need to feel lonely per say. Love Colorado

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So @valleyguy, no diopter advice, but I’d suggest while you’re in the 2-3D range or higher. If it were me (and that’s where I am), dropping cylinder (a little bit) without adding sphere back in would be my preference. The question is, can you live with that script? I think if it’s too little, then the trade strategy (adding sphere in exchange for cylinder) might need to be followed.

I’m hoping to drop cylinder sooner, as mine is rather high, on the same magnitude as my myopia/sphere, and I don’t mind however long it takes because I can really see the distortion and stress it causes overall.

According to the reducing complexity post, you’d want a few bilateral sphere drops before tackling cylinder or equalization.

I hope this helps.

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I think the reason for that is so you and your brain know what to expect and that improved acuity over time is the goal.


I would like to add, also troubleshoot make sure it’s not some form of ciliary spasm or dry eyes esp if even the retail optometrists say that you got dry eyes.

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