Carolyn's Introduction

Hello Everyone,

I found this space because of the youtube rabbithole - from a video on healing through hypnosis, to Todd Becker’s lecture on myopia, to Jake’s videos. I am 45 and got glasses 39 years ago. I wore RGP contacts for 30 years and only recently have realized it was possible to reverse myopia. I am very grateful to Jake and this community for support.

I’ve been using -9.75 OD and -9 OS correction for quite some time. Not only am I high myope, In 2016 I was diagnosed with “Coats Disease” in my left eye. I was receiving laser to make sealed scars in swollen retinal capillaries that were leaking plasma into my eye/retina. The pathology is idiopathic and the laser treatments were not addressing root cause. I had my last laser treatment 9 months ago - I lost central vision in that eye after it. I believe my body had had enough. This is when I started to explore how I could heal myself of Coats. Epigenetics, meditation, reducing systemic inflammation, etc. This journey has fortunately lead me to endmyopia. I can stop believing that my eyes are “bad”. I will take control of what I can, so that my retinas are not stressed, overly curved, etc. I have only my right eye right now with which to do active focus, and I don’t know how this affects things. I’m trying not to overanalyze that bit.

I have met an optometrist that does “vision therapy”. She doesn’t sell glasses. She has agreed to help me with lower prescriptions. She is halfway support. She doesn’t seem to think I will make much progress with myopia reversal. She thinks me getting to -7 is as far as I will likely ever go. She didn’t talk to me about active focus as a habit. She gave me a near/far focusing exercise, which I am not inclined to do. I am wearing my first set of differentials now for 2 weeks. -8.5 OD and -7.5 OS. I figured that out because I wore different plus lenses over my old glasses around her office until I could see blur at 60 cm, but not at 55 cm.

I am waiting, as Jake suggests, to choose new normailzed after 6 weeks of my first differentials. I seem to be forgetting a lot to do active focus in close up. My kids are helping me with this - they say, Move farther away! - when the book or screen is comfortably close. I would like advice on choosing normalized diopters - I figure -9.5 OD and -8.5 OS would be a good place to start. Jake has made his video on this exclusive so I’ll be trying to find answers here I guess.

Looking at screens is painful for my left eye and it’s many retinal scars. I try not to read or write much online anymore. This makes it hard for me to want to spend time learning in this format.

I used to be very outdoorsy and then I became a bookkeeper. I’ve ditched that job and am looking forward to a being outdoorsy again with my kids for all kinds of health.

Thanks for reading. I am inspired by Jake and all of you.


Hello Carolyn, welcome to the forum :slight_smile: It is great that you have found Endmyopia, maybe you would be interested in the recent compilation of all Jake’s videos so far in the audio format which can be found in the description under the video:

Good luck on your journey :slight_smile:


Welcome @Carolyn, What a nasty eye disease in your left eye. I hope that slowly but surely you will be able to improve on the vision in your right eye with the help of Jake’s endmyopia method and the shared experiences of the forum members.

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Thank you, yes I am hopeful that since my eye adapted so “well” to glasses, it can adapt to the positive stimulus too.

Thank you! This will really help me!

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