Castor oil for dry eye

Started using castor oil to treat cataract based on tip from forum member @KitEhlers. I’m actually seeing more clarity in just a few days which makes me think I may have a dry eye condition which I hear castor oil is good for. Curious if anyone has used it for dry eye with any ill effects. The only post on castol oil in this forum has been for treating beards :joy:


You put it directly in your eye?

Yes… 100% pure hexane-free. The bottle explicitly states avoid contact with eyes. If you look at Amazon reviews, it’s used for growing eyelashes and eyebrows…did not know. Alot of Internet info on use for cataract. Kit’s testimony after 2 months usage is very compelling so decided to try it. Hoping to hear of any others with longer use.


Keep us updated! Sounds cool that it helped you see clearer in a matter of days. I have dry eyes as well

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Hi @Mare - you also want it organically grown, to make sure you are not adding chemicals in any way. So 100% pure, hexane-free and organically grown - those three factors.

The speed of change was exactly what I experienced, too - I was using the other drops I previously mentioned for a while, but was feeling desperate, so tried the castor oil and it seemed to help a great deal in a matter of days. I did quit after three months, but my eyes remain clear. Interesting…

Let me know what you think of it after a while - it felt so soothing. My eyelashes did get long too, which I find really bizarre.


Thanks @KitEhlers… I did buy the organic by Kate Blanc and was amazed at how refreshed my eyes felt in the morning . I also bought Dexterity Health MSM drops with Vitamin C on Amazon. The drops initially feel rubbery inside the eye but then goes away. Most of the reviews are positive so will see how it goes…thanks again Kit!!!


thanks for sharing. I had read about this before, and tried putting coconut oil on my eye lids which I’m not too sure about. I’ll try the castor oil you recommended

I have been using castor oil for my cataracts. My dry eyes are gone. It works for me.


I only used for about 4 months. The dropper was too wide…seemed more like 3-4 drops was dispensing each time. Plus I was always forgetting to put them in. Then I dropped the bottle and feared there might be splintered glass inside. Infection was another fear as there must be a reason why the bottle states not to put directly inside eye.

I’m not on the computer and smartphone as much and don’t have dry eye symptoms, mainly got drops for cataracts. Hope it works out for you.

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Drops sold for use in the eye either have antibiotic preservatives in them, or come in sterile single use vials. Oil is less prone to collecting bacteria than water based preparations, but the eye is pretty sensitive to bacteria.

Did it help with cataracts?

Would other oils work in the same wayl?

Not in my case…but for others in this thread with longer use.

Thanks for reply. So, what did you do for cataracts then?

One of the reasons for dry eyes may be screens. Close distance from screen (less than 60 cm) and not blinking (somehow screens seem to capitivate the eyes and we forget to blink). And add contact lens to the mix, you have a perfect recipe for dry eyes.

Surgery in Dec. I’ll moderate the easy breezy or cast a swing vote on admin stuff. My eyes are still elongated with lasik and the IOL so EM habits are applicable to minimize strain, including minimal time in Meow :wink: I’ll occasionally check out off topic conversations. Cheering on all of you to succeed :+1: My cataracts were too advanced since Day 1.


Excuse me, but I’m a college student and in my case, I have to spend 2 hours on the road and 8 hours at college!(University) so, i don’t think any eye drop will ever help me(besides, I’m fully aware of the side effects.) long story short, I’ve got no choice but to use the caster oil(or eatin some fish oil pills which many cost me a lot by eating em on daily basis). So, is it safe? And is there anyone who complained about an infection? What are the ways u can minimize any potential infection? Thanks in advance BTW! It’s really important to me…

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Sir, how long have you been using em? And how do you usually apply em? Thanks in advance!

what’s the oil? any product links please? I feel like dry eyes contribute to maybe 1/4 or 1/3 of my myopia


thank you! lol @the lash growing part I wanna see if that works for me

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