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Hi Michael and Kit… thought it would be better to migrate the Cataract discussion in its own thread for others researching the forum :blush:

Michael…I just read your triple vision description which is quite similar to mine. My 3 overlapping images have a triangular formation… the center top image is sparkling clear with -8.5 correction; the 2nd and 3rd images are the base of the triangle with the 3rd image on the lower right almost translucent. The brain and AF are amazing because sometimes the 2nd image can be clearer when I focus on it. Without correction, center top image is clear but not sparkling unless digital white text, the rest are ghost images forming a circular image. With full -10 correction, the images are fused together with oh so slight double vision.

I’m hoping you don’t have early stages of cataracts but everything you’re doing to prevent them is fantastic. I wish I started sooner. My opto literally told me my condition cannot be corrected when upgrading my glasses. He did not see any cataract condition. It was only during a routine follow up with my retina specialist for a macula pucker that I was informed of early stages. My eyes have been examined by 4 other doctors, including my cataract specialist, to confirm if each agrees with the prognosis. I’m definitely kicking and screaming before any surgery :wink:

Dr Kondrot of Healing the Eye and Wellness Center is the only homeopathic ophtho I’ve read who continues to perform cataract surgery but believes maybe artificial plastic lens may not be the best material for the eyes with the new findings on plastic. Below is the link to his podcasts and articles on cataracts if interested.

Everyone that I’ve spoken to who have had the surgery claim it’s the best thing ever. For normal eyes…yes… for high myopic eyes, there are higher risks. I’m continuing to use the Oclumed drops given by a behavioral opto in May who said it’s the equivalent of lanosterol for dogs. I believe 6 months studies indicate 88% reported improvement. On top of everything else I’d like to try this castor oil which I’ve seen a few videos on. Hopefully others who have tried other alternative treatments will report out on this thread so I appreciate both your thoughts on this :blush:


I get questions about cataracts dozens of times a week. Would be amazing to have some first hand data on the effectiveness of the Oclumed drops as experienced by members here.

Points for the :3 reference. :smiley:

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Hey friends and neighbors…update. I woke up to a gosh awful bloody red hemorrhage on the left side of my left eye. Thankfully my retina specialist was able to squeeze me in within the hour. My routine 6-month follow-up for my macular pucker was only 3 days away. After the exam the ophthal said it was a harmless broken blood vessel that should clear in a week. He added “you’re seeing way better than you’ve seen in a very long time”. As for my cataract he said no rush, I’m about a 2 on a 4-point scale.

I didn’t mention to him that I resigned from my 9-10 hours computer job 6 months ago and that I’m taking longer walks outside twice a day. We’ve had the endmyopia discussion before and he just laughs. His assessment of my cataract is remarkable because in June, an opto refused to fit me for contacts because he’ll only fit those whose cataracts are 3.5 or below. I stopped Backto20/20 at that time but later cancelled my Sept 5 pre-op cataract appt…not yet ready.

What started as a dud morning ended being a WOW morning! :hugs: …motivates me to be even more pro-active. For years I drove to work with the rising sun in my eyes, and drove home with the setting sun in my eyes, always without sun protection. The best advice I got too late in addition to endmyopia…“Always LIVE EAST of where you WORK”. Now I enjoy sunshine without staring into it and getting results. :sunglasses:


Super awesome, @Mare!

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Awesome news, glad to hear it!

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Anyone interested in the cataract conversation, Dr Edward Kondrot is a homeopathic Ophthalmologist. Easter Sunday’s podcast was on lanosterol eye drops and various others on the market.

If you’re unable to listen to the 41-min discussion, greatest takeaways are Oclumed drops have higher incidences in reversing moderate cataracts. Diets with high Vitamin C content (e.g. strawberries, mangoes, guava, broccoli, bell peppers), and not oral supplements, have proven to reverse cataracts and minimize risk of getting cataracts. :wink:

Dr. Kondrot’s Healing the Eye Podcast: Can Lanosterol eye drops reverse cataracts?


@Mare what did you mean by always live east of where you work?

That means you’ll be driving west in the morning going to work, with the sun behind you, and east in the evening, again with the sun behind you.


In addition to less exposure to UV rays, I’m a much more relaxed driver with the sun behind me. My father had an accident on the highway simply because he couldn’t see the lanes with the sun in his eyes even with sunglasses.

@Roland oh I understand now, thanks

Hi, has anyone been told my an ophthalmology that getting cataract surgery / lens replacement will stop the progression of myopia?

@amybailey1 Cataract surgery only replaces the crystalline lens. The shape of the eye is still subject to elongating from bad vision habits such as close-up strain.

Thank you. I was thinking this was the case. If I’m working the ciliary muscle to reduce myopia, a lens exchange does nothing to stop this muscle from weakening further if I don’t work on AF.