Cataract Eye Drops


Oh cool, hopefully new eyedrops to make money with! Sure Pharma is happy!

What about vitamin C, as this study from 2011 is suggesting?

I’m really looking forward to this. Removing the lens is the standard right now but so drastic. Hopefully decades from now, when I’m at cataract age, either these drops, or a procedure that cleans up the lens using a laser, or both together, will be standard.


Yeah, it is - my mother got a new lense…
You get to choose if you want the standard lense or the more expensive one, which offers better view.
They chose the cheaper one…
I’m not sure, she has presbyopia glasses now, had glasses for presbyopia and myopia - in-one a little time before.
Her vision is definitely not perfect, I have the feeling that she should have chosen the other lense, but how can you be sure… and I feel so sorry - had I known then what I know now…
But I was around 18 and Internet was not around that much, definitely not at home.
I’d rather not get cataracts at all - hope lots of vegetables will help!

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Oh, thanks to medicine! But I heard and read from multiple sources that Chelidonium Majus is a plant that you get the orange “oil” that’s inside of their branches and leaves and it also reduces or makes the cataract disappear. That oil is strong, so better mix with water i guess, and put on the outside of the eye (on the lids), just to avoid direct contact, because it’s a bit too strong. So if someone is about to have surgery for that, I’d investigate a bit more if I were them. It’s free and not dangerous to try. Best regards!


I also hope, that science will have something in future like these cataract drops.
I’m a bit stunned, that nothing more is heard of it, the article was 2015, where they said, that they had to do some human research (rabbits and dogs were the patients).
From the Chelidonium Majus plant I heard, that it is for tired or dry eyes.

I also read some case where that plant seemed to “cure” or improve myopia, but as it’s little evidence about that to be read, let’s be patient and don’t give false hope. Anyway it could be well that it improves the ciliary spasm, who knows. Anyone willing to be the lab rat to try?

I would except I’m already on 3 different drops :joy: I read up that this plant is toxic so possibly there is some diluted extract in a drops formula.


There is little that I would celebrate from BigPharma. In order to patent some concoction of theirs, they have to change the molecular structure of a “natural” substance. This makes it foreign to the body and fraught with side effects–another way of saying EFFECTS because the whole body is affected. Better to learn why cataracts are being produced and address THAT.


Hi @Mare ,
How are you doing with the cataract in your eyes? I know you tried several things like castor oil. I am interested as last week on my check up the opthalmologist said my operated right eye is developing some serious cataract and advised me to get cataract surgery and artificial lens. I was so disappointed. 3 months earlier almost no cataract and suddenly it is there.
(Operation was 8 months ago).
I search the internet but did not find much except something called Can-C.
Hope you have some progress with your eyes!


@Cateye… sorry to hear about your operated eye developing cataract. It appears still in its infancy if only 3 months ago you didn’t have it. There may be time to prevent its advancement or reversal unless your circumstances prove otherwise.

You may want to review @KitEhlers protocols below because they have proven to be effective for her. As Kit mentions, nutrition plays a vital role in prevention. My cataract specialist admits that much.

I use Oclumed drops which are branded as lanosterol for humans. Studies from 2009 indicate cataract reversal success so maybe you can ask your ophtho about them. Besides these drops, the only other practice I’ve done with consistency lately is increase Vitamins A & B1 after watching Dr Eric Berg’s short video below. I’ve been home away from home about a dozen times since October and difficult to squeeze in the MSM and castor oil drops. My cataracts are slow growing and stable, still considered moderate. After April, I’m seriously going back on my mission to crack the code on cataracts.


Hi @Mare,

Thanks for all the info! :grinning::kissing_closed_eyes::two_hearts:
I watched the Dr E Berg video. The NAC drops contain the stuff (long name) that is also in Can-C. OcluMed looks good/better to me. Only their website College Pharmacy limits orders to 3 bottles at approx 90$ each so I have to think about that.
I will certainly look into Vitamine A and B1! The B1 should be the type soluble in fat according Dr Berg.
I watched a castor oil video. I read a comment from someone who had good results with the castor oil diminising her cataract, but another person commented that it did nothing for her operated eye. I have a feeling that will be the case for me as well as I suspect the cataract caused by an eye operation is deeper in the eye and castor oil may not reach it. Just a theory.
I will also look up the MSM drops.

I can imagine it is hard for you to do the drops while travelling so much. Good of you that you are consistent with the Vitamine A and B1 ! I hope your cataract will keep staying stable or better, diminish bit by bit.

In short: very grateful :blush: for the info which also gives me some hope again.
In May I will love to follow your cataract code cracking! :wink:

The quick development of the cataract is very troublesome. I wonder whether there are nutrients that you can take …like vitamin C and the anti-oxidants like luetin and those in bilberry. I’ve read that these are important to try and support the eye in its function,but it is early days for me and mine.


@Mare, can I ask how things have progressed over the past year or so, with the eye drops? Was it successful in halting any further progression of the cataracts, or even reversing some of the effects so that you could see better?

I’ve just found out that I have a milky nuclear sclerotic cataract, at 48 years old. Possibly caused by high myopia, or living in the Caribbean for 10 years, or having prednisone to deal with other medical issues. At least it isn’t keratoconus caused from PRK surgery 11 years ago… Although I never would have done that with what I know now, I’m left to deal with my younger stupid self - worrying that my 20/20 or better eagle vision is slipping. One eye down to 20/100 or worse, and the ‘remaining good eye’ starting to slip now too…