Centimetres confusion

Have been following EM for more than 1 month, cms reading initially were
L-20cm R-36cm

Today its- L-24cm and R-50cm

Right seems to be improving more than the left, can anyone please help or guide me with that

You have a bigger than average diopter gap between the eyes.

If you add the cms to the calculator it means:

Previous: -5D and -2.75D
Now: -4.25D and -2D
So the improvement is 0.75D, exactly the same in both eyes. Absolutely normal.
Congratulations on your gains!!
Most probably this has come from the release of constant ciliary spasm. Good start! And good luck on the next part :blush:


Would go for a checkup soon as the pandemic rests here in India. It’s too bad here currently
Also had been prescribed L-6.5 and R-3.25 by the opthalmologist on March of this year
Can I be overprescribed because of dry eyes, I think almost everyone have them now