Chatbot feedback thread

Chat bot is awesome!! I can’t find the original thread talking about it but I’m fairly sure @Lloydmom did everything here :smiley:

Anyway, just intended to be a thread for feedback on the bot :partying_face:


This button:

Goes here:

Just a bug I found.

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That’s weird! Fixed now, thanks :smiley: Idk what happened there, guess one glitch was bound to slip through the cracks. Good catch. If you find any thing else let me know.

I thank you for your feed back :grin: Now just trying to get more people to use it.


Facebook isn’t available for me. Could some screenshots be posted of how it works, It seems users are directed to the wiki, if so, could I get a list of landing pages on the wiki?

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Are you in Facebook jail?! :scream: :joy: We are hoping to integrate the bot elsewhere soon as well, still figuring that bit out.

And the EM site and YouTube.

That is a long list… Each path has at least one wiki link…

Here is the “main menu” in screenshots, it is interactive so the responses are auto generated from pushing the buttons:
Bot 1 bot 2 bot 3 bot 4
There is more than I dare try to capture but hopefully that gives you a better idea…

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Facebook is blocked in my router configuration.

Sort of, although the image resolution is to low to read any of the screenshots.

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