Cheaper lenses for distance or close up?

I plan to buy aspheric distance lenses for glasses (very high myopia, high astigmatism).

But, where is better to save $50 on lenses, on diffs or norms?

I hate chromatic and spherical aberration, ugly minification coming more with spherical lenses.

I think like buying Daemyung Dagas for close up and Essilor or so for distance. Both aspherical or norms only.

Any recommendations/suggestions?

I just bought optician level lenses. I picked the cheapest offer, the 1.60 index Synchrony Single Vision HDC for 40$. I appreciate the better clarity at the edge of the lens and the lower astigmatism correction set on them is so good compared to my previous astigmatism overprescription. Currently using it both at close-up and distance due to convergence issues. While I wait a proper differentials set I am experimenting with low brightness screen to not trigger divergence and hopefully improve binocular vision to see 20/20 because nor the ophtalmologist was sure I could handle good vision in the dusk.

By the way I have similar background as you, blur adapted for ages and still young, 20 y/o.

Jake has an article about cheap glasses: Sensitive Eyes? Careful With Cheap Glasses

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