Child Myopia Control

My child has -1.25 myopia but I don’t. Is it possible to buy only the “Child Myopia Control”?

It’s not.

From my e-mail signature (because it comes up so often) - Myopic children: We do not have courses for children. With a myopic child I recommend working on your own vision before helping the child. More here.

Reason, I can’t possibly take responsibility or offer suggestions based on what a parent translates their child means when describing an experience. Also lots of other variables here with parenting, plus without first hand experience yourself, I can’t be the intermediary / translator of the child’s state.

You can however help your child, lots of parents are doing it. Everything you need, freely available from our resources.


Thank you @jakey for the reply! As you can see from some of my posts I am in bit of a panic since this involves my kid and not having myopia myself I can’t experience first hand how he sees things. His myopia developed over the last year due to online schooling and this year he is doing online schooling this year as well as he is not vaccinated. He is only 7 years old and my fear is that his myopia should not progress. There is so much conflicting information online regarding (1) what kind of glasses should he wear - single lens, progressive, bifocals (2) should he wear glasses indoors etc. and I am worried that I should not make a choice for him that makes it worse. I understand that each case is unique and mainstream optometry doesn’t entertain the idea that myopia can be reversed and often recommends practices that can make it worse. Your website provides hope however I am also looking for some guidance and directions based out of experience or maybe a zoom call with folks who have fixed myopia for children which was a discussion on another thread.

Few days ago we got his glasses (single lens) which he is using only outdoors. He says he is able to see things much clear with glasses. The main question that is keeping me up at nights is should he use glasses indoors when he is not reading or computer, and what kind of lens should he use (progressive/ bifocal/ single lens). Over the last 2 months he has developed ciliary spasm in his left eye and I am worried the prescription for his left eye may go to -1.5 from -1.25. Some online articles mention that children can develop lazy eye or increased prescription if they dont use glasses. Some articles mention that progressive lens cause distortion of peripheral vision. It is all so confusing :worried: If you have any advice or any planned zoom calls it would be really very helpful.

I took my child to the eye doctor, and she told me she is at -2.25D. My child is 5, with lots of time outside, little access to any electronics. The testing consisted of 45 minutes of testing, with letters, in a dark room. She was supposed to be one of the better ones.
I measured her at home, a bit at a time, various lighting conditions (outdoor and indoor, sun, shade, artificial light) and at worst (when tired, and in poor light conditions) she is at -0.5D. Outside she is at least 20/20 or better vision.
My suggestion: get the course from Jake, or at the least, read the forum in and out, try to understand it, and start a list of things to consider as you will try to help your child.
All that is presented is not rocket science, even if you never had myopia. And one does not have to be sick to help another sick person get better.

Thank you for standing up for your child instead of accepting glasses as a de facto situation with no solution.


Thank you @SeeTheLight Did you have to make any changes for your daughter to reverse the myopia or the reading from the OD was inaccurate and your daughter didn’t have nearsightedness to begin with? I checked using snellen chart outdoor and looks like the -1.25 prescription is accurate. Lately his left eye seems to have a ciliary spasm which is my new concern. I am worried it should not progress to -1.5

I understand your position, but this is 110% the wrong approach.
First thing, chill, this is not an emergency. If you haven’t already please read this article: Child Myopia - EndMyopia Wiki and even if you have already read it a second pass is probably a good plan. Follow up with this article: Focus Games for Kids - EndMyopia Wiki
Second, I believe you have already been clearly advised to stick to single vision correction if any. Multifocal lenses of any kind are not recommended in the EM method
Third, have you considered your child only has pseudomyopia and really shouldn’t be locking it in with correction? This page might help you get started evaluating that: Pseudomyopia - EndMyopia Wiki

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Thank you @Reannon. I checked with his vision therapist last week as we have started that now. He said based on some measurement (not sure what it is called … he checked his eyes with a lightpen) he felt -1.25 reading on both eyes was due to axial elongation but the additional 0.25 on left eye which is a recent blurriness he is experiencing is due to ciliary spasm. I guess my panic is due to this additional blurriness on his left eye which makes me think “Am I doing the right things for my child?”

Have you heard about Ocular dominance - EndMyopia Wiki?
In my opinion you are absolutely on the right track and I am a bit envious that you were able to get on top of this all so early on. I didn’t know I could help my daughter until she had already progressed to -3. But ultimately you will need to make your own informed decisions for your child. Thankfully there are more resources than ever to help you do that.
If you are terribly concerned about the new blur in the left eye you could try some very light patching. Many people have found this helpful: Tag-In Method - YouTube


Sorta. She was on very good habits, short of the love for books that I instilled in her.

  • Now we read books with full light on, we are making sure to have plenty of light (preferably natural) for whatever close up work she needs to do. She is allowed two movies per week (on weekends) and no other TV watching.

  • We both love to walk, so I always make sure she pays attention to things far in the distance, or have her read me the house numbers from as far as possible.

  • We do work with letters (Snellen height and boldness), on an easel, and she has to be able to tell me what the letters are that I put on the easel for her (random selection). In poor artificial light she can see the 20/30-20/40 size letters at ~21 feet.

  • Our trip to school takes ~25 minutes, so I have her look out the window, and relax her eyes while seeing far in the distance.

In short, she get every opportunity to look at things and clear them up.
After all at 5ish age, a child’s eyes change a lot, so this is a perfect time to do this.

It’s not always easy. Sometimes I panic at the thought of her not having 20/20 vision yet, but he more I stress myself, the more I stress her. And stress leads to myopia. So I preach to myself everyday that it’s the long term goal that matters.

I hope this helps.

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This entire experience is :+1:t2:

These “diagnoses” are dubious at best. There is really no way around learning a bit about vision and doing it at home yourself (yes eye health checkups, yes there are real medical conditions that exist, all that sure - not myopia though).

Not rocket science indeed.

And this.

I feel like I can retire from doing this stuff, you guys got it! :grimacing:

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Thank you @jakey @Reannon @ SeeTheLight ! I am so glad to have come across EM and I really hope with all the information I am able to reverse my child’s myopia. We had our second vision therapy session today and some of the exercises they did were in-line with active focus and peripheral vision. This doc (not a mainstream OD) knew about active focus :slight_smile: and concurred that there was no need to wear glasses indoors. He is not in favor of progressive lens as it distorts peripheral vision. He suggested wearing single lens glasses outdoors to reduce the eye strain due to esophoria. I have started adding fun eye exercise (simon says) to our routine and trying to get him into the habit of noticing peripheral objects, take eye breaks and relax eye muscles by adding a Mg supplement and playing soothing music at bedtime. I will read other articles on this website as well to learn more.

While this doc is hopeful that the recently developed ciliary spasm on left eye can be reversed he is not too hopeful that the -1.25 can be reversed as the axial elongation has happened. I would like to prove him wrong though! I will post updates and seek advice as we move forward. Thank you again!

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