Childhood High Astigmatism With Plus Degrees

Hi all, I’ve personally experimented and managed to ditch my own astigmatism prescription of around CYL 2.0 to 2.25 for both eyes altogether from my glasses and reduced my diopters quite significantly by around SPH 1.25 to 2.75 but haven’t printed and tested my eyesight on eye chart. It’s not totally clear clear but functional for me currently and comfortable.

My elder son turning 10 years old this year has also started myopia glasses SPH -2.00 but I dropped his CYL as it was not high. We put him on glasses since beginning of last year as he complained he could not see the whiteboard in the classroom. Initially he was also just using pinhole glasses from 7 to 8 years old as his myopia was only around SPH -1.00. He’s currently using bifocal lenses where there is a line and the bottom portion is SPH +1.50 from the upper portion of the lens, which will help reduce eyestrain when he’s doing close work in the classroom as I cannot expect him to be putting on his glasses when looking at the whiteboard and then removing his glasses when doing near work coz I know he just will not go through this trouble. I’ve noticed that his myopia seems to have worsened and I really need to start helping him.

My biggest difficulty and dilemma is with my younger son. He has high astigmatism in both eyes as tested by optometrist CYL 2.50 to 3.00. It’s not lens-induced as he was never on glasses. Plus he actually has SPH +0.50 to +1.00 in both eyes too. He was tested to be having this since around 5 years old but we didn’t want to put him on glasses as he was still functioning well and didn’t complain of inability to see.

Now that he’s turning 8 years old this year and school-going, sometimes he cannot quite see the whiteboard in the classroom and we also start noticing him squinting his eyes when he cannot see. I’m pretty hesitant to put him on glasses but am considering perhaps just SPH -1.25 which is half of his CYL. But it doesn’t seem right coz he has SPH +0.50 to +1.00. So the optician keeps telling me to give him full astigmatism glasses together with his SPH plus degrees.

My other alternative is just to let him wear pinhole glasses when he needs them in the classroom. Or does he actually need SPH + differential glasses when doing near work? Will getting him plus degrees cause his SPH + to become worse? Or I can also get him the same bifocal glasses where the below portion is SPH +1.50 from the top portion of his glasses?

Currently I use centimetre measurement and will be printing the 3m eye charts to monitor their progress.

Would appreciate any advice here as I can’t seem to find similar topic here in this forum. Many thanks!


There is a lot in your post and there’s a lot to be said, I will refrain from giving direct suggestions (especially regarding your kid’s eyesight) though, as I probably don’t know enogh :upside_down_face:

A few things caught my eyes: first off the eyechart, the 3m one isn’t that reliable, if you have a 0.25 undercorrection you’d be able to see perfecly the 3m chart but not the 6m one for instance, (edge of blur -> 1/0.25= 4m)
You can find charts online made for kids, they have animales instead of letters.

I belive @Lajos once mentioned he had +cil and -sph in his first pair of glasses.

There are a bunch of Jake’s videos regarding children’s myopia, they sure can help.

Lastly, you may want to check if there’s a Bates method teacher in your city, Bates is pretty good for those who never wore glasses and an expert teacher sure knows what to do with kids.

+sph and -cyl, yes…

Ok thank you so much for your prompt response. Erm I thought Jake doesn’t quite believe in Bates or I remembered wrongly?

Will check out Lajos ans also Jake’s videos on children myopia again but previously couldn’t find anything from Jake on childhood high astigmatism combined with +SPH ya, that’s why posted in this forum instead :slight_smile:

Thank you, checking out your posts now…

Hi hi can’t seem to find your post. Able share the link here? :slight_smile:

For the ten year old, why not work with him through the regular endmyopia program, including breaks, good habits, and distance vision, along with following the reducing complexity post?

For the eight year old, you’ve got a bit of a different problem. His sphere indicates far sight, so you might want to work with a vision therapist on close work and possible convergence issues. If there are none, then if it were me, I’d work close and far acuity, while again working the reducing complexity pathway.

Sounds like a lot, but since you’re going through it , too, the kids can see you working and struggling through it with them.

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Thank you for your advice, will take it from here n update progress again ya :slight_smile:

I thought Jake doesn’t quite believe in Bates or I remembered wrongly?

Yeah, but I wouldn’t just do what Jake says, or I’d have to buy a motorcycle and grow a beard :rofl:

Don’t take it bad, it’s a joke :blush:

If your son has astigmatism and hyperopia, clearly Endmyopia and -SPH lenses aren’t for him.

Next best thing might be Bates (and I’m saying might because I kinda feel like Harry Potter when he first screamed “Voldemort” in a crouded pub :joy: :joy:).
An external help would be recommended as children’s eyes always needs some more attention.

Sorry for calling you out Lajos :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Huh, maybe you got the wrong impression, I don’t have any useful post on this, I just posted that my first prescription as a kid was with cylinder and I guess they used a positive sphere to balance it out. So I had +sph and -cyl

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Ahh ok thank u once again :slight_smile:

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Ok ok I see sorry that I misunderstood :slight_smile:

How are your younger son’s outdoor activity levels (specifically under sun) - just curious - you can try and amp up the outdoor time to see if it helps

I’m also going with up the outdoor distance vision time, better vision breaks, possible vision therapy, limit device use like tables

could be just stress and fatigue

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Thanks, both. Actually both of them are very active outdoors too. They get average of 2 hours outdoor time daily. We limit their gadgets and TV time, say only half plus half hour every Sat, Sun n public holidays. And we get them to put on blue light filter glasses when playing with gadgets or watching TV. :slight_smile:

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All that is supposed to do is lower the seratonin levels , which prevent the production of melatonin, which is also known as the sleep hormone.

Who knows if the blather is true.

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Hmm yeah… I also install blue light filter on phone and laptop, it seems to help that my eyes don’t feel so tired and cuts off the glare…


Hi @ferjenkoh ,

Why have you said this?
“considering perhaps just SPH -1.25 which is half of his CYL”

If your son has e.g. +0.5sph/+2.5cyl in some eye, half cyl would be +0.5sphere/+1.25cylinder,
And you need to know the measurement of the axis (a number between 0 and 180⁰) regarding the cylinder.
Attention also to the positive or negative sign in the cylinder.
(You need to know all these info for each eye)

Have you went to an opthalmologist (not optometrist) already?