Chloespeaks First Official Update

Stumbled upon Endmyopia on Facebook and migrated here, oh around Fall 2017.

I went to my Ophthalmologist in March 2018 - but I’m afraid of going to get measured in the dark room :grimacing:

My prescription when starting Fall of 2017 was:
OD L: 6.0 R:5.5

My prescription now (April 2019):
OD L: 5.25 R:4.5

I just updated - was stuck for 5 months on the same normalised, as we are coming out of the outdoor unfriendly Northeast U.S. city life over here, but looking forward to Summer Gains :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Summer gains, yay! :star_struck:


That’s awesome! Great rate of improvement :slight_smile:

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