Chris (from USA) improving with EM since September

Hello fellow EM folks, happy to join the group and see others’ progress and tricks of the trade. Since becoming myopic the last half of high school and into college (around -1.5D), I have read books on vision and tried my own experiments, with mixed and limited success. I stumbled across active focus in the early 1990s, but didn’t really know how to consistently put it to use for long-term gains. Reluctantly, I gave up and got laser vision correction in my dominant eye in 2003 (age 33). Hopefully my experiences can be beneficial to others with similar starting points or backgrounds. Unlike many of you on here, I have more cylinder than sphere, and a 1 diopter gap between my eyes. And to top it off, at my current age (51) I don’t have ciliary spasm because my ciliary doesn’t work anymore. I have to squint at the menu. I am mainly just trying to improve distance vision, and am happy to wear “readers” for close work. So I started out in September reducing sphere, and ended up increasing my cylinder in the process. Got that under control, and have been concentrating on cylinder reduction since October/November, with some success. Super excited to see and enjoy better vision already, and less astigmatic blur at night - thanks to the guidance and background I have learned from Jake, Gemily, Reannon, and others on EM. Feel free to hit me up with thoughts and ideas on astigmatism, which is really about all I have left to deal with at this point. One thing I really enjoy about this journey is that it has encouraged me to get outside much more! Even in cooler weather. Cheers!